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Pet Service Advertising Solutions

The pet services industry encompasses a wide variety of businesses: veterinarians, groomers, pet stores, boarding services, dog walkers, and much more. American Marketing and Publishing has the advertising solutions you need to ensure that your pet services business is fully visible and thriving online to drive business and bring new customers in the door.

Advertise your pet service business online with OPTIMA™.

The first step in marketing your business online is making sure that you’re actually showing up online! It’s more of a process than many business owners realize, but with OPTIMA™, we handle the leg work for you so that you can focus on running your business. We professionally claim, enhance, and keep up-to-date your official business listings at a variety of influential sites to ensure that your information is accurate and readily available to current and potential new customers.

Because people love their pets so much, they want the absolute best for them. This means that when they’re searching online for a new veterinarian, pet daycare, or any other pet-related business, they’re going to be searching for businesses with glowing reviews and a high online rating. OPTIMA™ provides two tools to promote customers leaving positive reviews: recommendation request cards and review response portal. Recommendation request cards detail exactly how easy it is for customers to leave positive reviews for your business online and can be given out to your satisfied customers after every sale. We collect your business’ reviews from more than 20 major review sites and notify you when each review is posted so you have an opportunity to respond. OPTIMA™ is a simple and effective way to stay aware of your pet business’ reputation online.

Hear from a few of our pet service clients on how OPTIMA™ has benefited their businesses:

“I have never had so much business thanks to the help of my OPTIMA™ program. We are a small animal boarding and pet sitter and we have broken records in the past year! We had a full 38 dogs in house over Thanksgiving and currently have a waiting list. I can truly see OPTIMA™ working for my business!” — Jim Wright, Town & Country Farm & Pet Sitter of Joelton, TN

“I am so happy with this OPTIMA™ program! Everyone tells me that they find me online which brings them to my website! I love that I can get my reviews responded to because I am so busy that it is the last thing I think about. It makes me look really professional. Lastly, I have been getting a steady amount of reviews by passing out the recommendation cards and it’s like a business card for me. I hope to keep continuing my success!” — Mary Bielby, Mary’s Pooch Pad of Newark, IL

Google Street View Trusted Virtual Tours invite your customers inside your business from the convenience of their phone, laptop, or tablet.

A Google Street View Trusted Virtual Tour is a unique and powerful way to build trust and familiarity with your future customers. These Tours are interactive and navigated by your customers so they can get a feel for your business without ever stepping inside. Customers LOVE their pets and want the best for them — having quality imagery online can boost your reputation and get more customers in the door! GSV Tours are hosted on Google’s servers and housed directly in your business’ listing. High-quality imagery not only improves your business’ reputation with your customers online, but provides benefits to your overall listing’s ranking in search results. Additionally, GSV Tours can be embedded into your website, blog post, or on social media. A Google Street View Trusted Virtual Tour is an affordable tool for marketing your pet service business online.

MuraBella Animal Hospital in Saint Augustine, FL shot their Google Street View Trusted Virtual Tour in February of 2019. Since it was published, their tour has been viewed 37,681 times! Hear from Ryan Meyer at MuraBella Animal Hospital in Saint Augustine, FL on how GSV has improved his business and view his virtual tour below.


CloseBy® Text Marketing drives business and brings more pets to you!

CloseBy® Text Marketing is a completely voluntary, direct line of contact between you and your loyal customers. For grooming or boarding businesses, if you suddenly have a cancellation to your schedule, you can send out a text with CloseBy® and get that appointment slot filled fast. Most smart phone users check their phones 150 times a day and text messages are read within 3 minutes. Pet stores can use CloseBy® Text to drive sales on slow days, push expiring inventory, and promote great deals. Have a new litter of puppies in? A school of fish? Send a text! It’s never been easier to find a loving home for the pets you sell.

Clarksville Reef and Reptiles in Clarksville, TN has been a CloseBy® Text Marketing customer since 2017! Over the last 4 years, they’ve seen great success with the program and their list has grown to include 263 contacts!

Andrew Jones, owner of Clarksville Reef and Reptiles in Clarksville, TN said this about CloseBy® Text: “We are so happy that we purchased the CloseBy® Text Marketing Program! One thing we like most about the text program is that it is SO EASY to use! My Digital Support Specialist reaches out to me once a week and schedules all of my messages so I can focus on my business! We definitely have noticed a boost in our sales since we have started utilizing the program! Even if customers do not utilize a deal we send out at the time, it generates interest and brings them in the door! No matter what we send out, it helps keeps us top of mind for our customers! We have quite a few customers show us our text when they come in!”

Below are a few examples of texts sent out by Clarksville Reef and Reptiles in the last 6 months:

  • 6/1: Goodbye May, HELLO June! Small Angelfish are BACK in stock. Over 100 to choose from! Show this text TODAY ONLY and get 50% off!
  • 5/13: VIPs! Hurry in and get a COMPLIMENTARY bottle of Fish Food with your purchase of $25 or more in fish!
  • 4/29: NEW reptiles and spiders are in! Uros, snakes, geckos and more!
  • 4/5: New Product Alert: Real Reef Live Rock! Branch, shelf & base! Rock 10% OFF this week! Great for reptile/fish tanks! Mention text for deal.
  • 1/12: We have TONS of new Saltwater Fish in! Bella Gobies, Starki Damsels, Cardinals, and MORE!
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