PromotionsSep 10, 2021

Ashley Joyce Promoted to Senior Hiring Manager

Congratulations to Ashley Joyce on her promotion to Senior Hiring Manager!

Ashley joined AMP in April of 2019. She is someone who has set goals for herself and never looked back. Actually on Ashley’s first day with AMP, I will never forget her sitting across from me in my office and she asked me directly, “How do I become a Senior Hiring Manager? I shadowed with Alex Hogan and I want to know how to be in her role.” She has worked day in and day out learning, growing and evolving to prepare herself for this promotion. She has become a leader well before she had a leadership title.

Ashley is a 2020 President’s Club Award winner, Discovery Award winner, and consistently leads our team in activity and hiring goals for the North Region, and now joining the Missouri District Recruiting efforts. Ashley has set the bar extremely high and has diligently held the line of outstanding performance. Her work ethic is admirable, and unwavering. She is determined and full of grit each day to see her markets grow.

Ashley has an eye for talent and has inspired many top performers, including new Rookie Erin Norin of the North Region, as well as has had promotions to District Manager, Assistant District Manager, Mentorship Manager, and Mentorship Day Team. Ashley has found success in every market she has recruited for. She is highly respected by her peers, sales representatives, and District Managers she works so closely with because her attention to individuality, and making each person she comes across feel so special. Ashley has a way of making everyone she meets feel better. She is truly a light to others and makes everyone around her better.

Ashley grew up in DeKalb, IL and is the mom to two amazing boys Declan and Mason. She enjoys raising her boys next door to her biggest cheerleaders and fans her dad, mom, and sister Miranda. Ashley loves to stay well-caffeinated with a gallon of iced coffee each day from Dunkin, and has become the world’s biggest soccer mom for son Declan’s team.

Prior to joining AMP Ashley worked for Aldi. What she was looking for most when joining AMP, was having the ability to make dinner for her boys each night, and be there for bedtimes. Now Ashley is able to take her boys to school each day and be there every night.  Declan and Mason particularly love cheering on their mom and making bucket lists when she hits their goals. They have enjoyed a weekend getaway to Madison to water parks, zoos, and museums to mommy and me time where they race go-carts and ice cream. They are truly a team in all aspects to her work.

Congratulations, Ashley, on this well-deserved promotion!

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