PromotionsNov 15, 2021

Josh McGraw Promoted to Senior Hiring Manager

Congratulations to Josh McGraw on his promotion to Senior Hiring Manager!

Josh joined AMP in late January of 2020 in the sales side of our business. What would turn out to be a unforeseen time, and one where our sales forced was faced with many challenges and adversity, Josh persisted through to build his team and lead them through the challenges faced by Covid-19.  While times were uncertain and our business was evolving, Josh broke through to lead the Des Moines Digital Sales force by summer of 2020. While Josh led the team in Des Moines he had 2 promotions to ADM, one being future DM Austin Oppenheimer of the Olympia District, and many promotions to Mentorship Day team, as well as good rookie performances. Josh’s hard-charging, lead-by-example, bring your lunch pail to work, mentality is what led the Iowa team to having a great first year under his leadership.

Fast forward to summer of 2021 where Josh made the decision to explore another career path within AMP as a Hiring Manager. As soon as Josh learned the ropes, he instantly got to work with his grind mentality. All his leadership characteristics in the sales field have paid off in our Recruiting Team, and Josh has quickly become one of our best recruiters on the team. Josh knows what it takes to be successful in our sales work, his eye for talent is unmatched, and candidates are quick to build a connection with him. In his second month with the company, Josh led the recruiting team in front end activity and was amongst our top leaders in hires. Josh came in to our team and set the bar for what’s possible. Not only did he set the tone for what’s possible for activity, he quickly was able to identify future mentors and leaders in our business and has already had multiple promotions of his hires to our Mentorship Manager Team.

Josh’s field general experience with our Des Moines District, coupled with a fast track of new hires, has earned him the promotion to Senior Hiring Manager. He will meet with candidates to inspire them why AMP is a great place to join, as well as a focused effort to share his knowledge with others on our team in training days. We are thrilled to announce Josh’s promotion but also celebrate is success on our team. He’s already making a name for himself as a wise leader, leading our daily morning success calls.

Josh and family reside in Ankeny, Iowa where he recently coached his sons youth soccer team this fall. They have enjoyed spending time together traveling locally, and keeping busy in youth activities.

Congratulations, Josh, on this well-deserved promotion!

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