PromotionsDec 06, 2021

Jen Bock Promoted to Director of AMP Support Services

Congratulations to Jen Bock on her promotion to Director of AMP Support Services!

In the role of Director of AMP Support Services, Jen will oversee all aspect of support, including: Customer Support, Product Support (formerly OPTIMA™ Help), Accounting and Contract Entry functions.  While each of these important functions focus on specialized areas of support, they have one common goal … to deliver exceptional service.  Customer Support and Product Support will both facilitate answers to questions on recent product sales/purchases, product fulfillment and outstanding balances … Customer Support will primarily work with AMP customers and Product Support will primarily work with AMP sales teams, although from time to time there will be some overlap and this is partly why these complementary teams are aligned under AMP Support Services.

Jen’s wealth of knowledge in BOTH Accounting and Customer Service make her uniquely qualified for this expansive support role.  Her ability to simplify complex customer accounts into easily understood segments of information combined with her unflappable demeanor when talking with some of our most passionate customers are just a few of the many leadership traits I admire in Jen.  She demonstrates a deep commitment to fostering professional growth on her teams, including hosting a 12 week leadership training course, after standard business hours, to ensure her leaders are truly prepared for their expanded roles.  Over the last year, she worked closely with her recently promoted leadership team … Asia Robinson, Crystal Judkins and Jen Elshoff … to build a support and servicing team ready and capable of taking on more responsibility.   In addition, Jen also worked closely with Jonna Hiltunen to pilot and launch proactive customer outreach on every new OPTIMA™ purchase to ensure a successful onboarding experience.

Jen began her career with AMP in October 2011 as an Internal Collector.  Similar to other well-respected leaders in the business, she did not start as a manager or director.  She started with AMP making 150+ calls/day to collect on past due customer balances.  Her desire to take on more responsibility and grow professionally has fueled her serially successful AMP career path.   Over her 10 years with AMP, she has performed a variety of roles, including: Internal Collector, A/R Team Lead, A/R Manager, A/R and Customer Experience Manager and now as the Director of AMP Support Services.

Abe Andrzejewski, CEO, said this about his experience working with Jen over the years: “Jen’s the embodiment of all the good business skills that make our headquarters office hum.  She’s efficient, quick, and incredibly detail oriented.  Jen’s got deep, practical experience, and she’s personally done the majority of the work and personally performed many of the roles that she now steps up to oversee and manage.  When you need an answer you can rely on, or when you want to resolve an issue in a manner that leaves everyone treated fairly and feeling better, you can get that kind of a resolution from Jen.  She’s a last-out, lights off hard worker, and beyond all these great business traits, she’s a cool character with a great eye roll, who tends to make everyone around her smile or laugh.”

Outside of work, Jen enjoys spending time with her three children: Madyson, who is getting married next September to her fiancé that she met in college; Blake, who is a High School Senior; and Cooper, her youngest, who is in 7th grade.  She is their biggest cheerleader on the sidelines of soccer, baseball and basketball games.   She also loves fundraising and is the President of Indian Creek Sports Boosters.  In the last couple years, she has begun to participate in auctions, with bidding on items as one of her most favorite aspects … feeds the competitive part of her soul.  Jen has purchased 2 trees, named Mabel and Merle, in the last 3 years from tree auctions.

Congratulations, Jen, on this well-deserved promotion!

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