PromotionsDec 15, 2021

Mia Giovannone Promoted to District Manager for Jacksonville, FL Digital District

Congratulations to Mia Giovannone on her promotion to District Manager for the Jacksonville, FL Digital District!

Mia’s promotion highlights the spirit of ambition, hard work, and the challenges of growing across distance and distant geography. Mia will be in charge of building one of our largest geographic key launch markets in Florida – Jacksonville, Florida.

Mia has been a true impact sales leader – this promotion marks her 5th promotion since joining us in 2020. She’s inspired both her customers & her teammates as a consistent leader by example and we are truly excited to see her infect the market with the same tenacity she’s displayed as a field general & leader.

2021 was a year of growth for Mia! At the onset of the year, she set big goals for herself and transformed her skills to the next level in nearly every category from total sales, GSV sales, OPITMA™, & Text. On  PRR ranking she averages $15,325 in sales w/ $8,328 OPTIMA/Text & $6,959 in GSV sales each month. Not only has Mia elevated her skills as a sales professional, she’s also developed her leadership acumen. Mia’s sphere of influence in 2021 included weekly touchpoint calls to her peers. Each week, Mia encouraged and coached 1 or 2 peers on her “Mondays with Mia” connects & she occasionally hosts regional team Zoom huddles sharing expertise on our digital solutions.  She hosted our company-wide virtual LDP & she’s a regular topic expert on our Morning Success Calls.  For Mia, many of these subject matter platforms were a bit intimidating for her to host at first, but now they’ve become a huge part of her growth and evolution as a leader.

Even with more responsibility and training time out of her territory, Mia has more than doubled her sales from last year. She is currently #5 overall ranked digital representative in the whole company and she’s won four Digital Rep of the Region honors. Her best months of 2021 were August and September. In August, she inspired 21 accounts, 16 GSV and 9 OPTIMA sales for $18,778 with 61% DCP. Pretty cool for a 4 week month! She’s committed to personal and professional growth & inspires everyone around her to do the same. She’s a true testament to the culture of growth at AMP!

Mia loves our MISSION to serve both customers and teammates alike. She is a student of the AMP playbook and fundamentals & will continue to share her passion with our mission to expand & grow market share in our Jacksonville FL market.

Mia’s WHY … WHY she works so hard day in and day out? For her loving fur babies Ryder & Roux. Her WHY is a big part of her enthusiasm and commitment to attack each day with a smile. Her enthusiasm for our work inspires her team members and candidate mentors alike. Mia’s drive toward success has been built on her determination to better herself and her passion for helping business owners in the beautiful sunshine state of Florida!


To best capture the character and the person that Mia is, here are some impact endorsements:

“Mia has such a big heart for small biz owners! I have loved watching her push past her comfort zone and accomplish so many great things. She has stepped up and been such a great role model and Cheerleader for Team North!” – Stephanie Conlin

“Mia Giovannone has been an absolutely amazing mentor to me since early in my first week here at AMP. And I’ll never forget how to pronounce her name properly since she told me the trick is to think “macaroni”. LOL. Mia epitomizes true leadership. She’s accessible, encouraging and quick to respond. And Mia, from the bottom of my heart, thanks for bridging the confidence gap for me. On more than one occasion you have filled me with the belief I needed to catch my breath and go tear it up in the field. Thanks for being you!!” – Erin Norin

“It’s been an absolute honor to work for Mia over the past (almost) 2 years. She’s passionate about our work & our mission. Mia’s passion has been transformative to her growth as a person & a leader. Our philosophy at AMP to be a leader is to master our sales process through results.  Mia’s career follows the path of every successful leader– caring about her team’s results, her own personal results and competing against herself & her goals every day. I’m so excited to be partnering with her to further expand our reach in the key launch market of Jacksonville. Our future is bright and Mia’s impact will continue to span across the business!” – Melinda Huza

Congratulations, Mia, on this well-deserved promotion!

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