PromotionsDec 27, 2021

Val Schmidt Promoted to Assistant District Manager for the North Region

Congratulations to Val Schmidt on her promotion to Assistant District Manager for the North Region!

Val joined AMP in September 2021 after working for Kohl’s for 15 years. She started her career as a Merchandise Specialist within Kohl’s retail and later transitioned to the corporate side of the business as an Analyst & Compliance Expert. Val was promoted several times within her career at Kohl’s and was an exceptional leader & trainer for the corporation.

When Val joined AMP, we all knew that there was something special about her. From first introduction, she leaves a lasting impression. She’s an excellent communicator, funny & full of great ideas! She’s passionate about our mission to serve which is abundantly evident when you hear her presenting to business owners.  Val is the type of person who never settles as evident by per performance evolution improving every single month since joining AMP. She’s dialed in to AMP resources like the AM Success Calls, AMPU, & participates in additional training resources as a part of her continued growth. She leads by example and pushes herself and teammates to be stronger each and every day. Val’s AMP resume already boasts two Digital Rep of the Region honors in both October & November!

Val created fast success through the initial onboarding process.  In her first 2 weeks, she closed 14 accounts totaling $9,165 in sales and quickly added OPTIMA™, Text and Video to her arsenal! In October, her first full month with AMP, she inspired $12,147 in sales w/ $7,147 in OPTIMA™/Text and $4,815 GSV and $385 in Video sales. Last month, she raised the bar up to $13,977 in total sales closing $8,377 in OPTIMA™ sales and $5,540 in GSV sales. Not surprisingly, she’s already taken another step forward in December with almost $14k in sales w/ over $9k OPTIMA™/Text sales.  As such, she’s secured 2 days off to hang out with family during the Holidays! BBTTY Val.


One of Val’s biggest fans & Trainer, Eric Sauld shares these kind words:

“Val is professional, relatable, and passionate about helping local businesses. There is a fine line between persistence and overwhelming our potential clients- volume of work is a determining factor in our success. With that being said, business owners appreciate Val’s honest work ethic and full transparency which has helped her build relationships quickly.

Each day, Val grows more comfortable with being uncomfortable. Even her series of unfortunate experiences with dogs will not keep her away from pet grooming businesses! She understands that her biggest achievements will come from outside of her comfort zone and she is committed to absorbing and applying all that she learns from each encounter.” – Eric Sauld


Family is very important to Val and it’s her WHY in life! Val lives in West Bend, WI with her husband, Jeff who is a teacher in the school district of Lake Geneva WI. They have been married for 15 years and they are proud parents to active sons Liam (13) and Dex (10). Outside of work, she enjoys refinishing furniture that she either finds on the side of the road or even their own furniture that beloved family dog, Gordon Shumway, decided to chew.  Fun fact! Gordon’s name comes from the 80’s TV show Alf.  In season, she enjoys gardening, both fruit/veggies and flowers!  She loves to show her kids the labor of love a garden can be, from seeds in the greenhouse to the garden beds to the table or even canning them. Yum!

We are excited to onboard her to her new role & we are confident she’ll continue to influence the growth of our region & our organization.

Congratulations, Val, on this well-deserved promotion!

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