PromotionsJan 07, 2022

Devin Stukel Promoted to Digital District Manager of Michiana

Congratulations to Devin Stukel on his promotion to Digital District Manager of Michiana!

In his new role, Devin will be building a market in Northern Indiana and Michigan! This is a really exciting opportunity for Devin and his teammates in the Central Region as it allows for continued growth of additional land and expanded future leadership. Devin will be spearheading the mission to build up and carve off new land in Michigan while he develops another leader and eventual DM for Devin to build with! Fitting for Brian Franczak’s mantra that everyone has adopted in Central: “Expansion Always in All Ways”.

Since Devin’s first month with AMP, we’ve been impressed with his ability to adapt quickly and work extremely hard to better himself at the work. Despite earning more and more leadership responsibilities, Devin’s personal sales have continued to improve. In 2021, Devin had his best year yet despite conducting more training days and having less time solo selling in the field. That is the sign of a great leader!

“Doc” Stukel has a lot to be proud of in his AMP sales career. One of my favorite things about Devin is his ability to be versatile in the sales field. He sells hard to help business owners and his genuine approach mixed with high enthusiasm is what has led to top performance numbers in every category of our business. For example, Devin has put up over $20,000 of Optima in a single month, he’s notched over $12,000 of GSV sales in a single month, and over $4,000 of Text Marketing in a single month. We can already tell based on trends that Devin will be a trailblazer for AMP Video and continue to expand his skill set this year as our newest products are rolled out to AMP.

Devin’s leadership experience with AMP has proved he’s ready for this role. He inspires everyone he talks to, whether it’s a teammate, a small business owner, or someone at our home office. Candidates that spend time in the field on an observation day with him are immediately drawn to the incredible opportunity we provide at AMP. As an ADM, Devin  has earned multiple “Trainer Of The Month” awards and raised the bar on his own expectations in shoulder-to-shoulder development. This District Manager promotion was not only earned through performance but the genuine good person that Devin is. He will sacrifice his own personal sales day to build someone else up or assist a struggling teammate. Those good intentions and selfless leadership are not just a show- it’s who he is.

I asked Lisa Bajer, our 7 year AMP veteran and Top 3 rep in the entire company, why she’s excited about Devin earning this promotion and this is what she had to say:

“Devin is the best person for this job because of his attitude, work ethic, and desire to always be learning. He’s a natural born leader and he’s got an incredible way of connecting and teaching people. I’m honored to have Devin on my team and to call him a friend.”

Aaron Richardson, our Assistant District Manager in Michiana, who is a top 2021 Rookie and President’s Achievement Award Winner, also raved about Devin’s leadership:

“Apart from looking like an Abercrombie & Fitch model, Devin brings a positive attitude to every training day, every sale, every minute of of every day. He’s a real life care bear and is truly invested in his co-workers. He takes time to help answer his teammates questions and always puts in the time to ensure they succeed.”

Congratulations, Devin, on this well-deserved promotion!

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