PromotionsFeb 03, 2022

Angelica Muriella Promoted to Onsite Classroom Trainer!

Congratulations to Angelica Muriella on her promotion to Onsite Classroom Trainer!

Angelica started at AMP in March of 2019 as an Associate Account Manager on our Schaumburg Digital Inside Sales team. Prior to AMP, she was in the restaurant industry and had multiple years of experience at Moretti’s. Ang hit the ground running demonstrating her ability to influence prospects and was quickly promoted to Account Manager. Shortly thereafter, she was promoted to Senior Account Manager after establishing a high renewal percentage and increasing her accounts. Ang is a phenomenal Account Manager who gets her customers excited and engaged with the OPTIMA™ program.

Ang is not only a valuable asset to her customers, but to her peers as well. She is extremely positive and encouraging to her teammates and always willing to lend a helping hand. With the growth of our Digital Inside Sales team, Ang has worked alongside new sales representatives in providing helpful feedback and truly leading by example. If you were to come to the Schaumburg office, it is likely you will see Ang training shoulder to shoulder with others on the team. Ang also fully embraces all new products that we develop at AMP. She is dedicated to learning about our new programs, and does an amazing job explaining on how they will benefit our customers.

In April of 2021, Ang was promoted to our Text Trainer for the Digital Inside Sales team. In this role, Ang spends time training OPTIMA™ Account Managers on selling and promoting our CloseBy® Text Marketing program. Her enthusiasm and passion for this product truly shines and is contagious to those she works with. Ang is always leading by example, as she ended 2021 with over 100k of total NDR revenue!

In Angelica’s new role, she will conduct, implement and gradually improve the company’s training and early career development of new sales representatives alongside Schaumburg ADMs, DM, and VP. She will continue her role as our CloseBy® Text Marketing.

In Ang’s free time she enjoys spending time with her large Sicilian family.  Her mother is someone she looks up to highly, and spends lots of time shopping and hanging out with her. She also has done a lot of home renovations this year, and seams to always have a new project she is working on! Ang is a wizard in the kitchen and knows how to cook a fantastic meal!

Congratulations Angelica, on this well-deserved promotion!

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