PromotionsFeb 04, 2022

Amanda Daniels Promoted to Closeby® Text Marketing Senior Account Manager!

Congratulations to Amanda Daniels on her promotion to Closeby®Text Marketing Senior Account Manager!

Amanda started her career with AMP as a Text Account Manager a little over 8 years ago. Since then Amanda has continued to evolve alongside our Text department. During COVID-19 in 2020 Amanda was there alongside her business owners to help them get through the pandemic just like anyone else. She also helped hundreds of businesses transition from our short code to our new 10DLC numbers.  This was a big transition for the department and Amanda worked hard, with a smile to get it done!

Over just the last year Amanda really stepped out of her comfort zone by selling OPTIMA™, GSV, and AMP Video. Amanda brought in over $30,000 in total NDR this past year!  2021 was the first year Amanda started selling other products and really demonstrated where we could go with NDR.  Amanda has also been able to showcase her selling skills on training days with new hires in our text department.  She continues to show what is possible.

Anyone who has worked with Amanda over the last several years knows exactly how much she cares about her business owners that she works with. Amanda is an idea machine when it comes to helping our businesses send out text messages. Some businesses really learn a lot about the importance of our Text Marketing program just after one conversation with her.

Congratulations Amanda, on this well-deserved promotion!

written by:
American Marketing & Publishing