PromotionsFeb 04, 2022

Kaitlyn Smith Promoted to Digital Inside Sales Onsite Classroom Trainer!

Congratulations to Kaitlyn Smith on her promotion to Digital Inside Sales Onsite Classroom Trainer!

Kaitlyn joined AMP and our DIS Iowa Team in March of 2021.  Kaitlyn, lovingly nicknamed “KillaKate”, made her presence known immediately with her passion, quick thinking and ability to connect with brand new business owners whom she has never spoken with before.  Brand new to sales, Kaitlyn first questioned her ability to do the work.  She quickly proved to herself and those around her that not only could she do the work, she in fact was meant for this role when she demonstrated 5 new businesses within 10 days of joining the team, a new office record at that time.

Throughout her 10 months at AMP, Kaitlyn has created a long list of achievements.  Although new to AMP in 2021, Kaitlyn consistently leads by example with her numbers.  As a rookie, Kaitlyn averaged $38,942 per month in total sales and secured $69,413 in New Digital Revenue.  In addition, Kaitlyn wrapped up 2021 by setting her own personal best in the December sales month.  She secured a whopping 26 NDR accounts with $4,330 in AMP video packages.

Kaitlyn’s outstanding demonstration of numbers also earned her several honors this past year including finishing #2 Inside Sales Rookie of the Year, the Presidential Achievement Award, and the Distinguished Sales Award.  Her continuous quest for growth and compassion for others scintillates through her conversations. Her zest for the company, the AMP tools, and training will shine through in her new role infectiously.

Congratulations Kaitlyn, on this well-deserved promotion!

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