PromotionsFeb 04, 2022

Morgan Isham Promoted to Closeby® Text Marketing Senior Account Manager!

Congratulations to Morgan Isham on her promotion to Closeby®Text Marketing Senior Account Manager!

Morgan started her journey with AMP over six years ago, starting as an Outside Sales Representative in our Peorialand Market.  When AMP was looking to make an addition to the Text Department, Morgan was selected to take on a role as a CloseBy® Text Marketing Account Manager.  Morgan has had great accomplishments during her time in the text department.  During COVID-19, she continued to work with businesses during struggling times, and helped transition hundreds of customers from the short code over to the 10 DLC number.

In the past year Morgan learned more about our OPTIMA™, GSV, and AMP Video programs. She did an excellent job taking on new products and sharing those with her businesses. Morgan has already collected great success stories from her businesses that purchased OPTIMA™!  Morgan also lead the team in 2+ year renewal percentages, averaging 81% for 2021.  Year over year, Morgan is able to work with businesses on building a successful text program, resulting countless dollars earned for our customers.

Morgan truly lights up a room when she walks in. Morgan brings a positive mindset to AMP, willingness to learn, and always looking to help others. Her peers in the office and at home enjoy working with Morgan. It’s never a dull conversation that you can have with Morgan, especially when you can get her to laugh!

Congratulations Morgan, on this well-deserved promotion!

written by:
American Marketing & Publishing