PromotionsFeb 04, 2022

Stephanie Fiore Promoted to Digital Inside Sales Classroom Trainer!

Congratulations to Stephanie Fiore on her promotion to Digital Inside Sales Classroom Trainer!

Stephanie started her career as an Associate Account Manager where she quickly demonstrated her ability to influence new prospects and was then promoted to Account Manager. Stephanie was promoted to Account Manager two days before Illinois went into mandatory lockdown and Stephanie and our entire DIS team was sent home to work from home. I will forever remember quickly training Stephanie on everything Account Manager related. Typically, this training is an entire week long but due to our time restrictions this training was completed in two days. I knew then that Stephanie would be a driving force in Digital Inside Sales due to her positive attitude and her willingness to do whatever it takes to succeed and learn. While working from home and learning everything through Zoom, Stephanie started renewing at a very high rate and lead DIS in first year renewal percentage and finished at AMP Rookie of the year in 2020!

Stephanie had a mission to become a Senior Account manager very quickly.  She continued to increase her activity, better her presentations, and learned to ask for the sale many times during a sales call. Due to her hard work, she was promoted to Senior Account Manager in October of 2020. Stephanie didn’t stop there, she continued to increase her activity, NDR and finished 2020 with the highest 1st year renewal percentage in DIS. In 2021, Stephanie continued to break even more records. She finished the year averaging $51,402 in total sales with an average of $4,845 in total NDR sales per month! Stephanie excels at creating relationships and truly connecting with her customers. She finished the year averaging 84% in 2+ year renewal rate and 90.22% in revenue renewal rate. In our July 2021 company meeting, Chad expressed a challenge for DIS for the first DIS rep to hit $80,000 total sales in a month. Stephanie is extremely goal driven and promised herself that she would hit this metric! In September 2021, Stephanie closed $84,981 making her the first DIS sales representative to hit over $80,000 and set a new monthly sales record for our department. Her hard work, determination and drive has a direct relationship on her success within AMP!

In May of 2021, Stephanie took on a new role where she conducted, implemented and improved our DIS Monday training as our Onsite Classroom trainer. Stephanie was the first individual that our DIS team encountered on their first day with AMP. When Stephanie talks about our mission and goals you can hear her excitement and love for our company. Stephanie helped trained many AMP top rookies which include Courtney Lee, Carena Bieschke, Alivia Ranieri and Mikayla Kutil.  She is a key component of our growth within DIS in 2021!

Congratulations Stephanie, on this well-deserved promotion!

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