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Nona Blue Boosts Online Imagery with Stunning Google Street View Trusted Virtual Tour

Nona Blue Modern Tavern in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL purchased a Comprehensive Google Street View Trusted Virtual Tour in 2021 and not only is their tour attractive to potential customers, but it’s performing extremely well online. Since their tour was published in February 2021, it’s gotten 72,261 views! Included with the panoramic imagery of the Google Street View Trusted Virtual Tour, AMP’s Google-Certified photographers take a series of still images that are added on to your program at no additional charge. These still images are at the direction of the business owner, and Nona Blue Modern Tavern used this photoshoot opportunity to take new, high-quality photos of their most popular dishes to use on their menus. Once a GSV tour is published, we send a download link to the client with their still imagery that they can use wherever they like — in menus, on social media, in marketing and advertising materials… the possibilities are endless!

Google Street View Trusted Virtual Tours are a great way for businesses to establish trust and invite potential customers inside the business from the comfort of their laptop or mobile phone. These tours can be especially valuable to restaurants that require reservations or are the go-to place for special occasions — consumers will often look online before deciding where to spend their time. Google Street View Tours are housed on Google’s servers and will show up on your business’ listing on Google Search and in Google Maps, ensuring that your business’ imagery is easily accessible by prospective customers. In addition to this, GSV Tours are easily embedded into websites and social media, making this the simplest way to boost your business’ online image.

See below for Nona Blue Modern Tavern’s GSV tour: 

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