PromotionsApr 13, 2022

Allee Marshall Promoted to Marketing Manager

Congratulations to Allee Marshall on her promotion to Marketing Manager!

As a political science major from Missouri’s Truman State University Allee Marshall may have seemed better suited to her future dream of law school than to AMP’s fledgling marketing department but Megan Moser identified something special in her.  Allee’s undergrad experience in campus leadership, research, website development, writing, and data analytics provided the perfect foundation to address the multifaceted challenges and opportunities she faced in the AMP marketing department. Joining AMP in the dark Covid winter of 2020, Allee’s innate intelligence and enthusiasm for getting things right quickly began to shine.  She took over and standardized the custom sales proposal process for multi-location businesses; jumped into updating and maintaining AMP’s corporate and product websites by adding promotions, blog posts, testimonials, and customer case studies; she orchestrated the revamp of the Meet Your Interviewer Video program; and she worked tirelessly on the launch of the Learn Upon platform and training content organization and creation.

If you have watched any of our early Who We Are videos you will recognize Allee’s unique ability to create a beautiful and powerful 3-minute customer origin story spun from a few bullet points on the DCF and an often long and meandering customer interview.  A year ago as we launched the video product we found ourselves in need of a video product champion who could organize and template the fulfillment process of our new video product.  Allee masterfully met the challenge and played a vital role in the product’s successful launch and continued growth.

Anyone who has worked with Allee will not be surprised at her meteoric rise in the company to her new position of Marketing Manager.  She is fast, thoughtful and responsive to requests, always goes above and beyond to get the job done right, and pays close attention to the details.  Her impact on multiple initiatives during 2021 earned her the Sales Support and Marketing Employee of the Year.

In her new role Allee will continue to work closely with the marketing and sales support team to oversee corporate and product websites, social media presence, the Learn Upon training platform and content development, external customer marketing campaigns and collateral, sharing of customer good news, analytics and new product features, as well as developing additional talent for our marketing team.

In Allee’s free time, she visits college friends back in St Louis, reads rom-coms, and spends time with her many nieces and nephews and her unforgettably named cat Princess Consuela Banana Hammock.

Congratulations, Allee, on this well-deserved promotion!

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