PromotionsJun 13, 2022

Caitlin Gordon Promoted to Sales Support Systems & Mapping Specialist

Congratulations to Caitlin Gordon on her promotion to Sales Support Systems & Mapping Specialist!

Caitlin is truly a jack-of-all-trades.  In her new role, Caitlin will continue to create and maintain interactive maps for recruiting and staffing using her in-depth knowledge of the mapping software (a very hard skill to find), in addition to applying her technical mind to work more closely with the Director of Sales Systems & Support to test and improve the systems that make the sales engine run.  Caitlin’s attention to detail makes her the perfect person to assist in process improvement, enhancement, and even innovation and automation of new processes.  Caitlin has the incredible ability to hear an idea– or even just a part of one—just once, and not only understand, but innovate and refine an existing process or create a who new plan when needed.  She knows when to ask just the right questions to get the best results.  Never afraid to get her hands dirty, Caitlin will do any extra research to find the right information to answer her questions or even teach herself (and others) something new.  She has touched every aspect of Sales Support, including DeKalb Inside Sales, and has been instrumental alongside IT, with the implementation and ongoing management of our iPads. We are so excited for her to take on this new challenge!

In Caitlin’s free time you can find her writing a short story or vegging out and playing video games or watching horror movies. Wonder what the title of her next short story will be? Maybe a horror!

Congratulations, Caitlin, on this well-deserved promotion!

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