PromotionsJul 11, 2022

Jared Capuson Promoted to Content Marketing Coordinator

Congratulations to Jared Capuson on his promotion to Content Marketing Coordinator!

Jared started with the company in April 2021 as a Marketing Assistant on the Marketing Team assisting with blog posts, the Belief Bank process, corporate website maintenance, and many other initiatives. In June of 2021, Jared decided to move over to the OPTIMA™ Fulfillment Team to continue to pursue different opportunities while playing a role as an AMP Video scriptwriter. Shortly after this transition, the Platinum template was in development and required rigorous testing to ensure it would be ready to pilot in the coming months. Jared tackled this task and worked closely with our vendor and the IT Development Team to achieve this goal. Once the Platinum pilot began, Jared once again played a critical role in leading the roll out of the Platinum OPTIMA™ program. Throughout the pilot, he streamlined various processes for fulfilling the Platinum template and successfully training three of our newest team members. Jared is often referred to as a “silent giant” of AMP because of his crucial behind-the-scenes work and positive impact being felt throughout the organization.

In Jared’s new role, he will continue to build a high quality Platinum sites for our OPTIMA™ customers while taking on new responsibilities with the Content Marketing Team’s processes and training. With having overseen the building of over 265 Platinum sites, the continued evolution of this program will provide an incredible opportunity to develop cleaner processes, implement system enhancements, improved quality assurance, and tracking. Jared will work to tackle these initiatives and much more! For those that have worked or interacted with Jared, he is always willing to jump into a new challenge, open to what is possible, and determined to help our customers quickly and to the best of his ability. These qualities are among the many that made Jared a natural fit for this role.

Fun facts to know about Jared, he spent a summer living in China and played Rugby for 10 years! In Jared’s free time, he loves to cook and is an excellent chef. When he is not cooking up a storm, Jared is enjoying his other passions of playing guitar and singing.

We are excited for Jared to dive into this new role and continue to expand his positive impact here at AMP!

Congratulations, Jared, on this well-deserved promotion!

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