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Community Advertising Solutions

In order for any community to grow and operate seamlessly, it’s important to have an open line of communication for town residents and visitors to gain information from town leadership and organizations. There are many establishments within a community that rely on strong online visibility, a direct line of communication, and high quality imagery and video content to dispatch crucial information and attract new tourism and consumers.

American Marketing & Publishing offers advertising solutions that are a perfect fit for your community’s City Hall, Chamber of Commerce, Parks and Recreation, tourism, and more. Whether it be by building credibility for potential visitors through our online listings and reputation management program, OPTIMA, showcasing your space with a visually attractive Google Street View Trusted virtual tour, or opening a line of direct and express communication via our CloseBy® Text Marketing program, we have the solutions to help your community stay connected.


Keep your community visible online with OPTIMA.

OPTIMA helps your business stay highly visible online by ensuring that your business’s information is accurate and consistently updated across major search engines. This is important for your community because when a current resident or potential traveler searches for your town online, your community centers, community organizations, and information centers should be showing up visibly to present an attractive and welcoming view of your city.

We also manage your online reputation by working to showcase the positive story of your community online. We do this by providing you with tools that encourage your citizen patrons to leave genuine feedback about their experiences online, and by alerting you via email to new reviews left by your customers. This allows all of the positive feedback and experiences that your residents and visitors are sharing online to be easily accessible, and it allows you to stay on top of community reviews online.

The Millersville Community Center in Millersville, TN is a great example of a business that is utilizing their OPTIMA program to stay connected with residents and visitors. They have been with our OPTIMA program since September of 2021, and they have been receiving lots of hits and traffic online. In just a little under a year they have already captured 49 hot leads, 116 clicks to call, 1,991 views on their Testimonial Page website, and 5 clicks for directions.

Check out some of the hot leads the Millersville Community Center has captured with their OPTIMA program:

  • “What time and days are the playground open?  Is it free?” Captured 10/11/2021 1:10PM
  • “Could you send me your pricing for the Millersville community center, along with amenities that are included? Also what is the seated capacity?” Captured 1/18/2022 8:47PM
  • “Interested in a space for approximately 50 people for an 80th birthday party. We are looking at July 2nd if it’s available.” Captured 6/7/2022 3:32PM
  • “I am looking for a place to host a baby shower. Do you rent out on Sundays? What is the rental fee?” Captured 6/17/2022 9:05PM


Your community can stay connected with CloseBy®.

Third party research has found that text messages have a 99% open rate, with 95% of those texts being read within three minutes of the message being sent. The accessibility of text messaging makes CloseBy® Text Marketing a crucial advertising solution for your business. CloseBy® allows you to send and schedule messages instantly. You can send important announcements, offers, and rewards out to your curated text base within a matter of seconds, and our Text Account Managers help you to come up with unique ideas to capture your customers and get them through your door. CloseBy® is an asset for businesses that have expiring inventory and that need to drive business on slow days or slow seasons, but it is also useful for businesses and community organizations that need to communicate important information in a time-sensitive manner.

The City of Eureka has seen a lot of success with our CloseBy® Text Marketing program. They started with their Text program in 2017 and have curated a text list with over 1,000 contacts. Melissa Brown, the City Services Coordinator for the City of Eureka, had this to say about CloseBy® Text Marketing:

“We have been using CloseBy® Text Marketing for OVER four years and I cannot say enough POSITIVE things about the text program they offer! CloseBy® Text Marketing has given us the BEST form of communication to reach all of our residents in a QUICK and TIMELY manner! I personally LOVE that I can access the online system for message sending from my desktop, laptop or even my cell phone! It is amazing that I can send a message from the office, my house or while I am on the go! Everything about the program is EASY and EFFECTIVE! Our residents LOVE that we have the CloseBy® Text Marketing program for the City of Eureka because it keeps them in the know of emergency situations and information! We have OVER 1,100 residents on our text program and that number is constantly growing! When new residents call in or stop in for information on water bills etc., we ALWAYS tell them about the text program! This is the BEST tool a City/Town/Village can have to connect with their residents and small business owners!”

The City of Eureka is able to reach their residents efficiently with our simple and easy-to-use platform. They can get important information out to their community at any time and from anywhere!

Here are a few of the messages that the City of Eureka has sent out to their residents so far:

“Portions of Eureka Lake Park will be closed Saturday, June 4th for the Nate Hoffman Triathlon. Lower Park Gate will be locked. Thank you.”

“Eureka Fire Department- Pancake & Sausage Breakfast- this Saturday 2/26/22 from 6am-10am @ 211 N. Main St. Donations welcomed!”

“Come help Eureka plan the future of the park- Tuesday April 19th @6pm, City Hall, 111 W. Court St. All are welcome!

“Roadwork Closures& Parking Ban- Begins tomorrow 8am- until further notice- Darst from James to Conover, N. Myers, N. Liberty, & W. Court”

“We hope to see you July 4th for a full-day celebration in Eureka! Happy Independence Day!


The Google Street View Trusted Tour enhances your online listing by establishing credibility and bringing in new reviews.

The Google Street View Trusted Tour provides high quality professional imagery and an interactive virtual tour for your business that allows the customer to come inside and take a look around without having to step foot in the door! This can be useful for communities because it allows potential visitors to see inside welcome centers, museums, and public locations before they plan their trip. It builds credibility online and trust with online searchers who want to familiarize themselves with your community. Each Google Street View Trusted package also comes with high quality still images that can be posted to your Google listing and that can help add new attractive content for your business and improve visibility.

Hear from Brooke Jung from Hopkinsville Visitor Center in Hopkinsville, KY on how the Google Street View Trusted Tour has helped her business increase visibility and drive positive reviews:


Share the story of your business with AMP Video.

According to comScore, Inc. 64% of consumers are more likely to buy a product or patronize a business after watching a video. With AMP Video your business can reach customers in a new and exciting format. It allows municipalities to capture the core of their communities, its residents, organizations and businesses with professional and authentic visuals. With our Business Intro Video, a 25-45 second compelling overview of your business, you can allow potential visitors of your community or new and current residents to get a quick recap of the important information and purpose of your business or organization. The Who We Are Video, a professional 2-3 minute video, can be used to tell the story of your community business or organization, and build trust among your current residents and visitors.

The Wells County Chamber of Commerce utilizes both the Business Intro Video and the Who We Are Video to provide an informative overview of their services, to highlight their programs and initiatives, and to tell the story of their business.

Business Intro Video

Who We Are Video

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