PromotionsAug 05, 2022

Anthony VanDerHeide Promoted to Assistant District Manager of Central Illinois

Congratulations to Anthony VanDerHeide on his promotion to Assistant District Manager of Central Illinois!

Anthony VanDerHeide joined AMP in July of 2020 and recently celebrated his 2 year AMP Anniversary. Anthony quickly made his way onto the top ranked rookies in AMP where he averaged $15,000 a month with over $7,000 in OPTIMA™ with an impressive 73% POS. While he is no longer considered an AMP rookie with 2 amazing years under his belt, he has remained on our distinguished performance ranking reports top 25 sales professionals since his inception. No small feat but Anthony is one who loves to compete against himself measuring his success by his growth over his prior month and prior year over month. He currently holds the #8 spot and is averaging over $10,000 in OPTIMA™ sales every month!

Anthony is a true team player and is always first to raise his hand to ask how he can help. Anthony is a servant leader and this quality is a universally aligned quality of the great leaders here AMP. If you have had the pleasure of spending time with Anthony or listening to him as a tipster or co-host on our daily morning success calls then you know his energy and positive attitude are contagious. This naturally infectious, kind, and witty personality is just who Anthony is and this is one of many reasons that business owners ears perk up and listen when he speaks. Anthony is also someone who is always prepared and dresses for success. Since day one Anthony has been a by-product of our incredible AMP blueprint. He prides himself in his adherence to our AMP system and his accolades are prove that our system works!

We asked District Manager Lindsay Sullivan about her time working with Anthony VanDerHeide and this is what she had to say. “Anthony’s drive and commitment to success are as solid as they come. He is a proud husband and father. He prides himself on holding himself accountable to his family and to his work family. When he tells me he is going to reach a goal, he will move mountains to make sure he sticks to his word. It is so fun watching him reach his goals month after month.”

Congratulations, Anthony, on this well-deserved promotion!

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