PromotionsSep 01, 2022

Kat Whitsitt Promoted to Mentorship Manager

Congratulations to Kat Whitsitt on her promotion to Mentorship Manager!

In her new role, Kat will be training and developing teammates throughout the Iowa Central District which also reaches into Wisconsin & Minnesota!

Kat’s journey at AMP came full circle again when she returned to the organization on June 2022 after stepping away for a few years to focus on being present for her family and running a local insurance agency. Kat came back with no warm-up period! She immediately started putting up amazing stats and showing what is possible. Kat secured a total of 11 GSV sales in the first 3 days she was in the field in a fun little town of Waukon, IA (3,700 population) which unlocked her OPTIMA™ training the very next week.

During her first 3 weeks, which was also the last 3 weeks of June, Kat secured a total $23,839 in sales which included OPTIMA™, CloseBy® Text, GSV, and AMP Video™. As Kat was putting a pin in June she already had her sights on securing her Senior Sales Promotion ASAP. Kat was able to lock down her SSR in a total of 7 weeks, which was by the end of July. During that month Kat had $31,553 in sales with $17,373 of that being OPTIMA™/Text. To follow that up Kat secured $35,372 in August with $19,432 in OPTIMA™/Text.

Many of Kat’s teammates will tell you she is an inspiration each day with her daily disciplines. She is a lifelong athlete and starts each morning with exercise to clear her mind and get ready for the sales playing field. Once the clock turns on for work, Kat is always 100% focused and takes one step at a time with the dedication of at least an account a day before she heads home. As a mentor to those around her already, it’s clear that Kat will be a great trainer with a “leading by example” mindset.

Kat lives in Decorah, Iowa, is married, and has three kids.  Her husband, Novian, is a Professor and Chair of English and Identity Studies at Luther College. Her oldest, Nia, will be a junior at Luther College and is a studying to become a Family Therapist and is already thinking of graduate schools and where she will be moving. Her son, Addae, is going to be a freshman at Chapman University in Orange, CA, where he will be studying Marketing with a focus on film. It was always Addae’s dream to go to school at Chapman. Kat’s youngest Yazmeen, is going to be a junior in high school and is a very serious academic and basketball player. Addae is currently in the recruiting circuit and is traveling to different schools to see where she would like to ultimately go, with Columbia University and University of Wisconsin-Madison currently at the top of her list.

Hear more from Kat about her family and her journey with AMP.

“We are a very close family and love to do anything outside together.  Go for long bike rides, hikes, scuba dives and kayaking trips.  We love to travel and see the country and world together. My family loves AMP.  They all know I am at my happiest when I am doing this work.  It is challenging and fun and feeds into all the things I love.  Meeting new people, getting to know the surrounding areas, and setting goals that I can meet and exceed at all times.  They love being a part of the process and together we set goals and they hold me accountable every step of the way. The goals that I set and share, feed into their lives as well.  They are all goal setters and sharers and we all work together to hold each other accountable. AMP is the most positive environment for me, especially since coming back.  I continue to push myself to grow and challenge myself, which is fundamental to who I am as a person.  I respect this company and all that it represents.  To be a part of something so amazing is a gift, and one I do not take for granted.”

Congratulations, Kat, on this well-deserved promotion!

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