PromotionsSep 13, 2022

Halle Hecker Promoted to Mentorship Manager — Team Willinois

Congratulations to Halle Hecker on her promotion to Mentorship Manager — Team Willinois!

Halle joined AMP on May 23rd & got off to a tremendous start in her career selling $30,885 in total sales with 34 unique accounts – closing $8,400 in OPTIMA™ sales & $22,485 in GSV sales in the month of June. Halle is currently ranked the number one digital rookie with a monthly average of $20,149 – $7,045 in OPTIMA and $13,105 in GSV. And even with those impressive numbers she still averages just below 80% DCP. Halle’s evolution in digital sales had her joining the ranks of our highly skilled & influential Mentorship (observation day) team in July. As a result, she has helped us recruit several more powerhouse teammates for Team Willinois. In just over 3 months, Halle has generated huge momentum. She moves quickly and leads by example!

Huge shout out to Ashley Joyce for finding our rising star in Halle Hecker. Before joining us, Halle worked for a prominent MD at a reputable medical clinic in Beaver Dam, WI. She loved her job running the clinic but she had reached a point in her career that made her want more for herself. Halle was attracted to the opportunity to further develop and strengthen the skills she’d developed in her previous positions and was ready grow with AMP!

She is someone who is fully committed to evolving and has fully embraced the new challenges of outside sales. She possesses an exceptional desire to adapt & learn then immediately apply her skills back to the real world. Halle successfully onboarded to each of our product courses hosted by our Training Department & has sold every digital solution we offer. In August, just days after onboarding to AMP Bundles she successfully closed over $9k in bundle sales closing an auto repair shop and a restaurant.

With Halle’s amazing sense of humor, we laugh our way from one project to the next. Halle enjoys comedy and making people laugh so I always look forward to our partnership days together. Sometimes I’m pretty sure she’s laughing at me but I’m okay with it. Partnership days with Halle are fast & super productive because she’s on a mission to serve & assist local businesses. In terms of results, there is so much to be said for a lighthearted and positive mindset to keep her on offense!

Outside of work, Halle enjoys time with her friends, comedy shows, hiking on Sundays and most importantly, time with her best pal Leo, her five-year-old German/Australian Shepherd Leo.

Congratulations, Halle, on this well-deserved promotion!

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