PromotionsSep 26, 2022

Shari Phipps Promoted to Mentorship Manager for Iowa Digital

Congratulations to Shari Phipps on her promotion to Mentorship Manager for Iowa Digital!

Shari started with AMP in the middle of June and shot right out of the gates. Shari’s first month with AMP she secured 21 separate GSV sales, one OPTIMA™, and tallied up $13,445 in total sales in just three weeks. Shari’s July she spent getting more comfortable with OPTIMA™ securing 4 separate OPTIMA™ sales and 8 GSV sales. Shari made August her month she secured her SSR promotion. In August, Shari sold $12,999 in OPTIMA™, $6,450 in Text, 10 GSV for a total of $24,699.

Shari is a natural leader in the sales field, on training days, and in her life. She leads by example, moving quick, talking to everyone, selling to help and selling all the way to the no in the sales field. Shari’s leadership can be seen in her personal sales as she’s pacing to have her best month yet and her goal is to knock down $27k in sales this month. Shari is always there to listen to teammates and help others get stronger through phone calls and training days.

Prior to joining AMP, Shari spent the last four years in network marketing leading teams to million dollar sales. Shari has a huge passion for helping others so AMP was a natural fit for her to continue that. Along with her love of helping others, Shari is very goal driven so she naturally fits right in with all of us here at AMP and our love for chasing and hitting goals. Watch for her to cross her numbers for the sprint for President’s Achievement Award!

Outside of work, Shari and Scott spend many weekends at their camper in Missouri at the Mark Twain Lake. They love to travel to warm and beach locations and to Nashville to visit their oldest son, Jesse. Shari is also a very active Glam-Ma to five grandchildren who are all local for her to spend quality time with them. Shari’s down to earth nature, inviting personality and fun attitude make her a natural fit her at AMP and for leadership roles.

Congratulations, Shari, on this well-deserved promotion!

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