PromotionsSep 30, 2022

Morgan Goslin Promoted to Business Development Team Lead

Congratulations to Morgan Goslin on her promotion to Business Development Team Lead!

Morgan joined Team Fliowa and our AMP Family, in September of 2020 and quickly made her presence known by selling 7 new businesses within 3.5 weeks. In her first year with the company she sold an impressive $425,000 and managed 371 unique accounts. Morgan quickly identified as a strong performer and an infectious leader for our team thus her progression and promotion into our First Day Classroom Trainer. Morgan’s best revenue month in 2022 was June of this year where she sold $58,593 that is until yesterday where she has officially beat her own best and secured $66,046. This happening right after her two year AMP Anniversary celebration. She continues to lead by example averaging $47,266 per month, 12 NDR monthly average & 34 accounts each month this year.

Morgan and Austin purchased their first home and 4 acres of land in 2021. They reside in Belle Plaine, IA with their furbabies, Bentley (their dog), Elle & Kovu (their cats, more on this later). In her personal time she is extremely active and loves the outdoors; camping, kayaking, and enjoying her newest hobbies of gardening and now golf. She is very proud of the fact that she started with an average of 73 on a par 36 course, and the last Wednesday of women’s golf league this summer she shot a 53! Morgan recently added Elle (their kitten) to their family by PAATS’ing Austin who was resisting adding another cat to their family. They are looking forward to future travels and will be going on another cruise in Feb 23′ to the Caribbean with the entire family for her dad’s 60th birthday!

Congratulations, Morgan, on this well-deserved promotion!

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