PromotionsOct 03, 2022

Amanda Daniels Promoted to CloseBy® Text Marketing & Google Street View DIS Trainer

Congratulations to Amanda Daniels on her promotion to CloseBy® Text Marketing & Google Street View DIS Trainer!

In Amanda’s new role, she will continue to work in her Senior Text Marketing Account Manager role helping new and existing businesses with our CloseBy® text program. While doing so, she will help train our Digital Inside Sales Division as well as new and tenured Account Managers on her expertise and knowledge of our CloseBy® Text Program as well as our Google Street View Trusted Virtual tours.

Amanda started her career with AMP as a Text Account Manager close to 9 years ago. Since then, Amanda has continued to evolve alongside our Text department. In 2021, the Text Department merged with the Digital Inside Sales. In this merge Amanda learned to sell our OPTIMA™, GSV and AMP Video™ to business owners.

Amanda has done a great job helping business owners see the value in having AMP build a new Google Street View Virtual Tour, or to have the tour redone. From there, Amanda has also sold our Text Program to the customers who have also signed up for a new tour. Helping business owners think BIG! Amanda has worked with other new and tenured reps on selling GSV to current customers, as well as selling our CloseBy® Text Marketing program.

Amanda started on her first GSV project in July and crushed it! She closed out 7 GSV sales with $5,420 on the month! Amanda has lead the text department in NDR each month in 2022 bringing in a total of $35,114 on the year in NDR. Amanda also had her biggest month in renewals in March ’22 closing out 75% overall text renewals!

Anyone who has worked with Amanda over the last several years knows exactly how much she cares about her business owners that she works with. Amanda is an idea machine when it comes to helping our businesses send out text messages, and now has an arsenal of ways to work with businesses on seeing the value in purchasing a new virtual tour. Some businesses really learn a lot about the importance of our Text Marketing program and GSV just after one conversation with her!

Outside of work Amanda loves to spend time with her family! Her husband Mark, kids Bella, Rob, and Skye adore Amanda. They enjoy spending time in their home playing with their 23 different arcade games and 7 of those being pin ball machines! Amanda also enjoys walks through her neighborhood with her dogs Jenna, Jackie and Jessie.

Congratulations, Amanda, on this well-deserved promotion!

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