Company UpdatesDec 27, 2022

AMP Presents First Annual Google Street View Trusted Photographer Summit

At the start of December, the GSV Fulfillment team hosted the first annual GSV Photographer Summit. This event was broken into two virtual sessions that took place over the course of two days and was hosted by Kayli White, our GSV Logistics and Photographer Manager! Kayli was joined by multiple guest speakers that shared further insight on the recent advancements at AMP, provided refresher trainings, and presented awards. Our team of 21 outstanding photographers is divided into two regions, the East Region and the West Region, and both regions were in attendance.

The GSV Photographer Summit included a series of exciting office updates that occurred in 2022, with the main focus being on promotion announcements and expansion of the GSV Scheduling team. Asia Robinson, our Onboarding Support Manager, joined each session to share how her team had developed in the past few months and provided the photographers with a deeper understanding of the work the Onboarding team engages in to ensure the GSV calendar runs smoothly.

Our GSV Photography team had to expand greatly this year to keep up with the overall growth of our company. These summits were the first time many of our photographers got to meet their fellow team members. It was a great opportunity for all new and seasoned photographers to learn about process changes and participate in refresher training courses, to ensure that we are meeting the best practices for Google Street View Trusted virtual tours across the board.

In addition to the training provided and the guest speaker presentations, we also presented each region with five awards! These awards were presented to recognize all of the hard work and dedication to customer satisfaction our photographers have put in over the past year. Here is a breakdown of all of the awards presented as well as the regional winners for each category:

The GSV Superhero Award – This award was selected by the stellar GSV Scheduling team and presented to a photographer who went above and beyond to assist customers over the last year.

  • East Region Winner: Debbie Smartt
  • West Region Winner: Davis Benton

The GSV Evolver Award – This award was presented to the individual that displayed the most growth in their abilities of following process and technical photography.

  • East Region Winner: Lacey DeJordy
  • West Region Winner: Davis Benton

The GSV Rookie of the Year Award – This award was presented to the individual who has been an unstoppable force since their first training day and continues to display all the best attributes of an AMP Google Street View trusted photographer.

  • East Region Winner: Jerry Beard
  • West Region Winner: Enisa Alicea

The Best POI Award – Each region of photographers sent in and voted on the best POIs, this award was presented to the photographer that received the most votes from their peers.

  • East Region Winner: Zach Bender
  • West Region Winner: Ed Wrenn

The GSV Road Warrior Award – This award was presented to the individual that traveled the greatest number of miles per photoshoot on average.

  • East Region Winner: Jordan Williams
  • West Region Winner: Ty McCumsey

The GSV Photographer Summit would not have been complete without a word from our CEO, Abe Andrzejewski, who graciously took the time to prepare a presentation for our dedicated team of photographers. Abe’s presentation highlighted the bigger picture of why we do what we do, and instilled a feeling of camaraderie! The photographers are integral to our company and Abe showcased this eloquently in his presentation. Following the presentation there was a Q&A session, and it was a wonderful opportunity for our photographers to hear words of encouragement and share time with Abe.

The GSV Photographer Summit was a great chance for us to recognize the AMP Photographers, and prepare the team for continued success. We are looking forward to expanding what is possible as we prepare for our next summit in 2023!

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