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Foxcroft Farm Wedding & Event Venue Wins Customer Calls with Platinum OPTIMA™ Program

Foxcroft Farm Wedding & Event Venue is a family owned farm located in Dickson, TN. This beautiful farm has been a private family farm since 1969, but after hosting their son’s wedding on the farm in 2014, Madena and Tim Harrington turned their space into a wedding and event venue to share with the surrounding community. After nine years of successfully running their business, Tim and Madena decided to take the next step in marketing their business. They signed up for our Platinum OPTIMA™ program in September of 2022, and they have already seen success online!

Our Platinum OPTIMA™ program is tailor-made for business owners who want to positively transform and significantly enhance their online presence and reputation. With their Platinum OPTIMA™ program, Foxcroft Farm Wedding & Event Venue receives Listings Presence and Reputation Management across eight influential search sites at the support of a team of dedicated Account Managers. They have also received a Rich Content website that has been specifically developed and hosted with their business branding in mind. After four months with the Platinum OPTIMA™ program, they have gained 718 visits to their Rich Content website, and of those unique visits they have won 21 phone calls from customers.

We spoke with co-owner, Madena Harrington, and she shared all of the details of their success with our team. Madena said, “I am extremely pleased with the services that OPTIMA™ has offered my business. Since I started with AMP I have received multiple calls and messages through my website of customers that found me online by searching my category. Just in the last week I have received three calls for people who want to book weddings in 2023 that found me online! We are the type of business that isn’t looking to book out every weekend. We like that steady stream of business, and that’s what AMP has given us!”

With such an attractive Rich Content Website, it comes at no surprise that when searching for “wedding venue in Dickson, TN,” Foxcroft Farm Wedding & Event Venue shows up third in Google’s 3 Pack Organic Listing results. Their Rich Content website is built in a chic design, with high quality professional imagery and attractive colors on every page. They also have their business story and a full list of services with detailed descriptions available for customers who want to learn more about who they are and what they do. They even have their Premium Google Street View Trusted virtual tour, and Premium Video Bundle hosted through their gallery page on their Rich Content website. With so much success only a few months into their program, we are excited to continue to grow with Foxcroft Farm Wedding & Event Venue, and see even more success in 2023!

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