PromotionsFeb 13, 2023

Jessica Icenhour Promoted to District Manager of Virginia

Congratulations to Jessica Icenhour on her promotion to District Manager of Virginia!

Jessica joined AMP in January of 2020 after being recruited by Nikki Bowman in November 2019. After attending classroom training in Clarksville, TN, and having a successful start day with her manager, Joy Cordle, she went on to make 10 GSV sales in her first three weeks. Jessica took her OPTIMA™ training seriously and made February 2020 even better than January, increasing her sales to $15,615 with 8 OPTIMA™ accounts. She would have made that streak three months in a row in March 2020, but that was the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Jessica displayed a lot of mental fortitude, strong belief, and pure loyalty from the very start of her career, as she had to sit out more than a month until in person presentations could be made in the sales field. She picked up right where she left off (or better), inspiring nearly $19,000 in sales in May 2020 and earning the status of Senior Sales Rep. Due to her steady rise, Jessica was named Assistant District Manager of Tennessee North soon after.

For the full year of 2020, Jessica averaged over $13,000 in monthly OPTIMA™ sales and ended the year ranked #2 company-wide in total OPTIMA™ sales. Part super seller, part trainer and leader extraordinaire, another way Jessica made a big impact in her first year was by helping guide new people to her team by demonstrating to potential candidates how meaningful and fun our work is. She ranked #2 company-wide in productivity on observation days with new candidates. If those weren’t big enough highlights, the AMP year-end meeting didn’t disappoint, with Jessica taking home two of AMP’s biggest honors, the 2020 Rookie of the Year award and also the 2020 West Region Digital Rep of the Year award.

After a very impressive 2020 and a lot of accolades, Jessica didn’t slow down. She started off 2021 in Tennessee with a fantastic January, selling $1,250 Text, $5,925 GSV, and $18,900 of OPTIMA™ with 83.4% DCP, but she didn’t finish the year in Tennessee. By the summer, Jessica had moved to Hattiesburg, MS, to put our first-ever digital sales on the ground there. Even while planting our AMP flag in a new state where we had made zero sales ever, Jessica continued her OPTIMA™ success and consistency. When the year wrapped up, between her two states, she was the company-wide #1 OPTIMA™ seller, compiling over $168,000 in OPTIMA™ sales. She won her second West Region Digital Rep of the Year award with $256,347 in total digital sales for the year and took home back-to-back Presidential Achievement Awards.

We had barely closed the 2021 chapter, and for family reasons, Jessica was on the move again, taking AMP with her to the Richmond, VA, area in February of 2022. With two moves in less than one year, Jessica still maintained her OPTIMA™ consistency, averaging over $10,650 in OPTIMA™ sales per month in 2022. Her ability to adapt, previous training success, and determination made Jessica the obvious choice to begin adding teammates around her in Virginia in October 2022 as the Market Expansion Specialist.

In Jessica’s own words, she said, “I am passionate about feeling part of a community, especially with moving around so frequently, AMP has helped me to feel connected to the areas I am in and be part of something bigger than myself.”

Moving to Virginia was somewhat of a homecoming for Jessica, as she grew up in Fredericksburg, VA, which sits about an hour south of Washington, DC, and is a graduate of James Madison University. She also spent time managing restaurants in the Washington, DC, area before moving away from the area and ultimately joining AMP. Jessica also starred in an Oscar Meyer commercial when she was five years old, which is a little-known and fun fact.

Jessica is a dog mom and loves to spend time walking her German Shepherd, Piper. She lives in Farmville with her significant other, Daniel. She is passionate about family and loves spending time with her two nieces and nephew. Jessica’s other interests, when not working or spending time with family, are reading, traveling, and power-lifting at the gym! With a competitive spirit, it’s not surprising Jessica has been great at sales.

Congratulations, Jessica, on this well-deserved promotion!

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