PromotionsMar 15, 2023

Kat Whitsitt Promoted to Northwest Market Expansion Specialist

Congratulations to Kat Whitsitt on her promotion to Northwest Market Expansion Specialist!

Kat’s journey with American Marketing & Publishing started back in 2014, when she not only took home a President’s Achievement Award, but was also named the Expansion Rep of the Year. After a few years, Kat stepped away to focus time on her family and their very heavy schedule at the time. When the time was right for the Whitsitt family, Kat returned to the company in June, 2022, and set the bar immediately high for her own personal performance. In her first three days, Kat secured a total of 11 GSV in Waukon, IA, which unlocked her OPTIMA training the very next week. Over the course of her first three weeks in June, Kat tallied a total of $23,839 in sales, which included OPTIMA, CloseBy® Text, GSV, and AMP Video.  She then set her sights on securing her Senior Sales Rep promotion, which she did in less than seven weeks.

During the month of September, Kat focused on breaking a company record. She dug in, worked late, had high activity, and ultimately pushed through! For September, Kat sold $45,374 in total digital sales and set a company OPTIMA and CloseBy® Text field record of $36,574. As the year wrapped up, she was among the first in the company to reach the 25, 50, and 75 DNA markers, and ended with $186,679 in total digital sales from June to December. This extraordinary performance also secured another President’s Achievement Award. During the annual company meeting, Kat was named the Digital Rep of the Year, which also qualified her for Elite President’s Achievement status.

While originally from the Peoria area, Kat headed further north and received her BA, M.Ed., and M.Ed. Policy from the University of Wisconsin. Having a heavy emphasis on education contributes to her role as a mentor and trainer. While Kat loves to set her own goals and achieve them, she feels that helping others grow and achieve theirs is an even bigger motivator for her.

Kat now lives in Decorah, Iowa, with her husband, Novian, who is a professor and chair at Luther College. Kat’s oldest, Nia, is a junior at Luther College and is studying to become a family therapist. Her son, Addae, is a freshman at Chapman University in Orange, CA, and studies Marketing with a focus on Film. Kat’s youngest is a junior in high school and is a very serious academic and basketball player. She is currently on the recruiting circuit and is traveling to different schools to see where she would ultimately like to go.

They are a very close family and love to do anything outside together. Go for long bike rides, hikes, scuba dives, and kayaking trips. They love to travel and see the country and world together. This summer they will once again be heading to Catalina Island, which is a family favorite for the Whitsitts.

When asked to reflect upon her time with American Marketing & Publishing, Kat shared:

“My family loves AMP. They all know I am at my happiest when I am doing this work. It is challenging and fun, and it feeds into all the things I love.  Meeting new people, getting to know the surrounding areas, and setting goals that I can meet and exceed at all times They love being a part of the process, and together we set goals, and they hold me accountable every step of the way. The goals that I set and share, feed into their lives as well. They are all goal setters and sharers, and we all work together to hold one another accountable. AMP is the most positive environment for me, especially since coming back. I continue to push myself to grow and challenge myself, which is fundamental to who I am as a person. I respect this company and all that it represents. To be a part of something so amazing is a gift, and one I do not take for granted.”

In her new position, Kat will help with the development of team members across the Northwest Region. This will be a mission specific role that will be heavily focused on the education of OPTIMA, Closeby® Text, and AMPVideo across the Northwest landscape.

Congratulations, Kat, on this well-deserved promotion!

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