PromotionsApr 04, 2023

Halle Hecker Promoted to Assistant District Manager – Team Willinois

Congratulations to Halle Hecker on her promotion to Assistant District Manager – Team Willinois!

Halle has been a natural leader from the start of her career and after being recognized as the #2 AMP Rookie in 2022 and #7 overall Digital Performer, we knew it was a great opportunity for her to further impact the team.

Halle joined American Marketing & Publishing on May 23rd, 2022, and got off to a tremendous start in her career selling $30,885 in total sales with 34 unique accounts – closing $8,400 in OPTIMA and $22,485 in GSV sales in the month of June. Halle continued her rapid evolution with AMP and continued to develop skills in each area of the business. As a result, she has helped us recruit several more powerhouse teammates for Team Willinois and is now ready to help us train and develop more rockstars with high impact Observations Days and Training Days.

Before joining us, Halle worked for a prominent MD at a reputable medical clinic in Beaver Dam, WI. She loved her job running the clinic but she had reached a point in her career that made her want to achieve more in life. Halle was attracted to the opportunity to further develop and strengthen the skills she’d learned in previous roles and was ready grow with AMP.

She is someone who is fully committed to evolving and has embraced all the new challenges of outside sales. She possesses an exceptional desire to adapt, learn, and then immediately apply her skills in the real world. Halle successfully onboarded to each of our product courses and has sold every digital solution we offer. In August, just days after onboarding to AMP Bundles, she successfully closed over $9k in bundle sales closing an Auto Repair shop and a restaurant.

In 2022, Halle was promoted to her team’s Mentorship Manager role in September. She averaged $17,616 in sales with 74% DCP, $8,167 in OPTIMA/CloseBy® Text and 10 DNA per month for the year. She finished the year with her best OPTIMA month at $12,176 in sales in December and closed out 2022 as the NW Region’s Digital Rep of the Year. Halle’s had big goals for further growth in 2023, and she’s coming off her best month of the year with $25,218 in sales, $16,268 of OPTIMA, $2,315 in AMP Video sales, $6,635 GSV, and 9 DNA in March.

Outside of work, Halle enjoys time with her friends, comedy shows, hiking on Sundays, and playing volleyball. Most importantly, she enjoys spending time with her best pal, Leo, her five-year-old German/Australian Shepherd.

Halle’s teammates rave about her! Here is what they had to say about working with Halle:

Halle and I started our careers with AMP on the same day,May 23, 2022. On that day we both realized that we made a decision for a career with an incredible company. The management at AMP is extremely helpful, knowledgeable, understanding and hard-working. That is why I feel that Halle will fit right into her new position.She is a born leader! In my heart, I know this will not be her only promotion with AMP. Congratulations Halle! I wish you all the best.” – Daniel Webster, Mentorship Manager

“Halle is one of the most genuine people I have ever met. She has a strong appreciation for small business owners, and is incredibly motivated with every opportunity to learn and succeed. She is always willing to train and mentor new candidates, transferring her passion and enthusiasm onto everyone she meets! It has been so incredible watching Halle grow and evolve in her time at AMP. I couldn’t be happier to hear of her new promotion, and I know this is only the beginning for her!” – Ashley Joyce. Hiring Manager

Congratulations, Halle, on this well-deserved promotion!

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