PromotionsApr 18, 2023

Kathy Wendt Promoted to Senior Hiring Manager

Congratulations to Kathy Wendt on her promotion to Senior Hiring Manager!

Kathy joined American Marketing & Publishing in August of 2022 after spending fifteen years as a Cosmetologist. Kathy worked in a salon for eight years before deciding to open her own salon for five years, and then eventually moved her salon into her home. Kathy is no stranger to hard work when it comes to small business. Kathy not only ran her own salon, but she owns a home décor/DIY studio called Pins & Pines that she has run for the last eight years. Kathy brings a creative mind and a go-getter attitude to the team. Her passion for small business has bled into her everyday work, and she continues to build up our mission.

Over the last six months, Kathy has grown into an incredible Hiring Manager. She is the definition of grit and passion. Kathy is someone who you can rely on, and someone who holds themselves accountability no matter what may arise. She has quickly found success in attracting top talent to AMP, and has brought in one of Digital Inside Sales top rookies this year, Lindsay Arndt! Kathy recently led the Digital Inside Sales Recruitment team in February in scheduled interviews, offers extended, and most hires of the month. Kathy is laser-focused and continues to bring in great talent each and every day.

Kathy married her high school sweetheart, Jake, who she has been married to for fifteen years. Kathy grew up in Effingham, IL, and then relocated to Texas for a year and a half before deciding to plant roots in Altamont, IL, where she has lived for the last ten years. Kathy has two beautiful children, Jacob (6), and Kinsley (5). In Kathy’s free time you will see her spending time with family, friends, and good food. One of her favorite things to do is go to Southern, IL, on the weekends to ride horses on the trails. You will often find Kathy taking in beautiful scenery, laughing a lot, and really enjoying being present in the moment.

Congratulations, Kathy, on this well-deserved promotion!

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