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Chavez Law Office, L.L.C. Endorses AMP Video™

Chavez Law Office, L.L.C. in Lake Mills, Wisconsin, is a highly reputable law firm that has provided excellent legal services to Jefferson County and surrounding areas since 1992. Criminal Attorney and Owner John “Jack” Chavez has over 25 years of experience in the legal field and is dedicated to providing quality representation for his clients.

Chavez Law Office has been an OPTIMA™ Online Listings Presence & Reputation Management client since 2019 and currently enjoys our Premium +Social Program. Jack recently purchased a Business Intro™ Video to further boost his online visibility and showcase his legal expertise. Jack loved the finished product and shared his thoughts with his Account Manager. Jack says,

“When I received the video I was so surprised, it totally exceeded my expectations. It was professionally made and so good I sent it to my Mom and my Brother, who is a judge. They were impressed and even asked me who the voice over was by, I told them an A-List actor. I told my family it’s my Marketing Department doing great work for me again. So far I have had 4 shares, 24 likes, and 4 comments after it was posted on my Facebook. Keep up the amazing work! I’ve appreciated everything you’ve done for me.”


Our Business Intro™ Videos are professionally-produced 25-45 second overviews of a business, covering their specialties, products or services, unique qualities, and more. Our goal is to provide an introduction for your business to potential clients, making sure they see you as a great person to do business with, and this is exactly what we did for Jack!

The best part is that your business’ introduction is available on-demand and easily found in an online search, allowing your potential clients to watch at the time and place of their choosing. The rising view count and community engagement he continues to receive from his video on the Firm’s Facebook Page is confirmation that his video is the perfect introduction to potential clients searching online for a reputable Attorney in the Lake Mills area. Our +Social and +Video OPTIMA™ Add-Ons are working together to maximize Chavez Law Office’s online reach. Since it was posted on Facebook, Jack’s video has gotten 275 views with 24 reactions, 5 shares, and 4 comments!

Chavez Law Office currently ranks second in organic search results for Attorneys in Lake Mills, WI! With their OPTIMA™ program and increased website traffic, improved search rankings, and growing trust among potential clients, Jack has been successful sharing the great reputation he already had in his community with the online world. We’re looking forward to seeing Chavez Law Office’s continued success!

Check out the Business Intro Video for Chavez Law Office, L.L.C. below!

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