PromotionsJun 19, 2023

Tanner Jaksa Promoted to District Manager – Northern Virginia

Congratulations to Tanner Jaksa on his promotion to District Manager – Northern Virginia!

Tanner wasted no time making his mark at AMP when he joined in June 2021. In July, he achieved remarkable success with total sales of $32,299, including over $19,000 in OPTIMA™ sales. Joy Collins, Tanner’s District Manager, immediately recognized his potential for greatness and predicted a high level of consistency, a crucial trait for future leaders.

As Joy predicted, Tanner continued his strong performance in August, and then he surpassed expectations by setting a company record in September with $38,835 in digital field sales! Tanner also held the AMP record for the most OPTIMA field sales in a month, with an impressive $30,250 for over a year.

Tanner may have started at AMP in the second half of the year, but it didn’t slow him down in his pursuit of becoming a front runner for Rookie of the Year and earning his first Presidential Achievement Award. From July to December, Tanner secured over $170,000 in sales revenue, with an average of $28,000 per month and 65% of his total revenue coming from OPTIMA sales. Leading the pack in rookie sales, Tanner was awarded the 2021 Rookie of the Year title and celebrated his first Presidential Achievement Victory.

In August 2022, Tanner was promoted to Market Expansion Specialist, taking him on travels across Alabama, Florida, Tennessee, and Virginia for start days and follow-up training sessions. Tanner quickly distinguished himself in this new role, conducting 32 training days, achieving $32,260 in OPTIMA sales, $17,735 in GSV, and acquiring a total of 39 accounts. After countless miles on the road, hotel stays, and notable success as an MES, Tanner was honored with the title of AMP Trainer of the Year for 2022. This prestigious recognition also granted Tanner the Elite Status of the Presidential Achievement Award.

The launch of the Northern Virginia market holds special significance for Tanner, as it brings him back to his hometown. After completing high school, Tanner made the move to Nashville, Tennessee, where he attended Belmont University and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Audio Engineering.

In his free time, Tanner is an avid golfer and tries to hit the course a few nights a week as his schedule permits. Tanner still has a huge passion for music, so when he’s not spending time with his significant other Emma, working, or golfing, he loves to spend time writing, producing, or even doing live gigs.

Congratulations, Tanner, on this well-deserved promotion!

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