PromotionsAug 14, 2023

Halle Hecker Promoted to District Manager – Southwest Florida District

Congratulations to Halle Hecker on her promotion to District Manager – Southwest Florida District!

Halle’s AMP career began in May 2022, and she wasted no time in asserting her arrival. In her first full month of June, she achieved a total of $30,885 in sales across 34 unique accounts – comprising $8,400 in OPTIMA™ sales and $22,485 in GSV sales. Her exceptional start was recently acknowledged during our Mid-Year meeting, where she set a new record with 32 GSV sales.

Halle’s success continued throughout the past year, leading to her rapid promotion to Mentorship Manager in September. Her accomplishments and overall impact earned her recognition as a Top AMP Rookie and the Northwest Region’s Digital Representative of the Year! Over the year, she maintained an average of $17,616 in monthly sales with a 74% DCP, $8,167 in OPTIMA™/Text sales per month, and 10 DNA sales per month.

March of 2023 stood as Halle’s most impressive month, amassing $25,218 in total sales, with $16,268 from OPTIMA™, $2,315 from Video sales, $6,635 from GSV, and 9 DNA sales. The subsequent month, she was promoted to Assistant District Manager of Team Willinois. By May, Halle achieved an impressive overall ranking of #16 as both an AMP Digital Seller and ADM. In her role as ADM, she continued to play a pivotal part in mentoring through observation and training days each week. Shortly after her promotion, Halle expressed her eagerness to contribute to AMP’s expansion efforts. This led to exploring growth opportunities, eventually focusing on expansion in Southwest Florida.

Her District Manager, Erin Norin, had this to say:

“I knew that Halle Hecker would be an exceptional leader because she’s tough, extremely resilient! She’s overcome a lot of adversity in her life, both personal and professional. And when we talked about her expanding into her own market, I could tell it scared her a little, but she was up for it.”

In mid-June, Halle packed up and moved from Beaver Dam, WI, to St. Petersburg, FL, accompanied by her faithful companion, Leo. In her first month in the brand new market, she closed $11,878 in total sales, with $4,698 in OPTIMA™ sales, 12 GSV sales, and 11 DNA accounts. Notably, on her very first day in Tarpon Springs, FL, she closed 4 sales—a testament to the opportunities surrounding the Gulf coast of Florida!

Outside of work, Halle enjoys spending time with her friends, attending comedy shows, hiking, and playing volleyball. Since moving to Florida, Halle has enjoyed discovering her favorite beaches and attractions with Anna Maria Island at the top of the list.

She is fully committed to growth and has embraced all the new challenges of our work. She possesses a strong desire to adapt, learn, and immediately apply her skills in the real world. Moving across the country takes courage and belief, and Halle is eager to step out of her comfort zone and pursue growth. This mindset will propel our new market to further success as we expand our team and build lasting business partnerships in the Florida market.

Congratulations, Halle on this well-deserved promotion!

written by:
American Marketing & Publishing