PromotionsAug 15, 2023

Nancy Lapak Promoted to OPTIMA™ Cross-Functional Verification Specialist

Congratulations to Nancy Lapak on her promotion to OPTIMA™ Cross-Functional Verification Specialist!

Nancy joined AMP as a Verification Specialist in August of 2021. Her responsibilities include setting up new OPTIMA™ customers, collaborating with business owners to verify their listings, and reaching out to established OPTIMA™ customers for verification on newly added sites.

Nancy has always been a hardworking and detail-oriented team member, which is supported with multiple quality checks at 100% accuracy during her time at AMP.  With all of Nancy’s hard work and outstanding quality check results, she earned the title of Senior Verification Specialist in April 2022. Nancy also earned the Employee of the Month award in September 2022. Whenever someone is out, or needs help with customers, Nancy has no problem jumping in to help where she can.

In her new role as OPTIMA™ Cross-Functional Verification Specialist, Nancy will continue to help the Verification team with new and existing customers, while taking on a bigger role in some of the back end Verification areas. Her responsibilities will include overseeing new accounts for our verification team and providing support to our escalation team as required.

Nancy is currently studying animal science and is working towards her degree in Zoology! In her free time, she enjoys hiking, playing video games, and hanging out with friends to play Dungeons and Dragons! She also likes to draw, garden, bake, and spend time with her cat Strahd.

Congratulations, Nancy on this well-deserved promotion!

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