PromotionsAug 16, 2023

Michael Fisk Promoted to OPTIMA™ Verification Escalation Specialist

Congratulations to Michael Fisk on his promotion to OPTIMA™ Verification Escalation Specialist!

Michael joined AMP in August of 2019 as a Verification Specialist. He was later promoted to OPTIMA™ Fulfillment Escalation Specialist in July 2022. In this new role,  Michael participated in a range of domain-related tasks, providing assistance as needed, and he also contributed to supporting the Social team by helping with Facebook responses. In addition to these responsibilities, Michael continued to work on verification tasks, helping established OPTIMA™ customers get verified during renewals or assisting new OPTIMA™ customers with their initial verification. Michael also became a backup for the Verification Manager and even took on the role of Team Lead to provide support when needed.

In Michael’s current role as OPTIMA™ Verification Escalation Specialist, he collaborates with Product Support to ensure accounts are completed and listings are set up. His main focus is on existing renewal customers. Michael also serves as a backup for the Verification team, assisting with customer setups and calls as required.

Outside of work, Michael enjoys watching movies and going to the theater when possible. He has a penchant for playing board games, especially deck builders and cooperative games where players face off against the game itself. Michael is also a fan of TTRPGs like Dungeons and Dragons, with Pathfinder ranking as his favorite. His reading preferences often gravitate toward the fantasy genre, occasionally delving into science fiction.

Congratulations, Michael on this well-deserved promotion!

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