PromotionsAug 23, 2023

Brianna Boggs Promoted to Senior Hiring Manager

Congratulations to Brianna Boggs on her promotion to Senior Hiring Manager!

Bri joined our AMP recruiting team in March 2023 after being referred by Natalie Carey from our DIS team. She was our first hiring manager to reside in the great state of Georgia! One of Bri’s most admirable characteristics is how hard she works. When Bri joined the team she was going to school full time, and working as a bartender and sales for Zale’s jewelry. In May she graduated with her degree in Marketing from Athens Technical College.

Bri has a natural charisma, positive energy and strong drive to succeed. She has a deep passion for personal development, and being her best each day. Bri loves to push herself each day to a new personal record, and lead our team in high activity. She’s most proud that in July she was a top performer on the recruiting team, so early on in her career.

She has inspired great talent such as Eddie Byington, who has recently been promoted to our well- respected Observation Day team. She is also leading the way in talent acquisition, driving our expansion, in the Greater Tampa, FL area with DM Halle Hecker and RM Melinda Huza. She’s a business builder at heart as we continue to grow our geographic foot print at AMP.

When not inspiring great talent here to AMP, Bri loves to spend time with her dogs, kayaking down the river, and working on evening out her summer tan. Both of her parents are small business owners, and her passion for helping small business owners makes her a great fit at finding like-minded people to join our team here at AMP!

District Manager Dallas Fonner had this to say about working with Bri:

“Bri is always a breath of fresh air to talk to and her candidates always speak super highly of her. She sets proper expectations on the front end with candidates which makes our job on observation days much easier. Additionally she never misses a beat in communication with getting ride days set up and is always willing to assist with coordinating and rescheduling so that no matter what the candidate gets the opportunity to see our work!” 

Congratulations, Brianna on this well-deserved promotion!

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