PromotionsOct 02, 2023

Kurt Joesph Promoted to Mentorship Manager

Congratulations to Kurt Joseph on his promotion to Mentorship Manager!

Kurt joined AMP and Team Florida/Georgia at the end of July 2022. In his first full month with AMP he sold $15,250 in revenue which included 1 OPTIMA™ and 21 GSV accounts with 91.5% DCP! Kurt quickly became a 2022 Top Rookie and he was promoted to the Team Florida/Georgia’s Observation Day Team. He finished the year with his best month of OPTIMA™ and ranked as a Top 10 AMP Rookie in the business. Like any true story of evolution, he ended his year strong with $5,600 in OPTIMA™ sales, making December his best month overall.

In 2023, Kurt continues to play a big part in onboarding, training, and development for his team in the great state of Georgia. Kurt is an outstanding source of positive influence on his team! He is all about leading by example, with 6 GSV sales on observation days, including 3 sales in one day. Just recently, he sold 7 GSV on 3 separate start days, playing a huge role in our expansion in Georgia. 

Kurt’s drive toward success was built on consistent new business. Joining AMP when the Digital New Account compensation was introduced, he has transcended to 150 DNA and 158 unique accounts since joining the company. During the first quarter of 2023, Kurt averaged $6,015 in monthly OPTIMA™/Text sales and was able to achieve 100 DNA honors. Throughout the year, Kurt kept up with high DCP total at 75% – even closing May out at 100% DCP. Kurt continues to encourage growth in our Georgia market. He finished September 2023 with $15,665 and $6,747 in OPTIMA™ working in Savannah, GA.

Outside of work, Kurt loves spending time with his family. Between Kurt and his wife Nichole they have 6 children: James, Sydney, Preston, Cameron, RJ, and Valentina. They cherish their time at family gatherings, holidays, or any occasion that brings them together. As a family they enjoy watching movies, vacations, the beach, and much more!

Congratulations, Kurt, on this well-deserved promotion!

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