PromotionsOct 02, 2023

Mae Novakoski Promoted to Digital Inside Sales Business Development Team Lead

Congratulations to Mae Novakoski on her promotion to Digital Inside Sales Business Development Team Lead!

Since joining AMP in March of 2023, Mae has made a significant impact with her dedication and passion. Known as “End of Day Mae,” she consistently goes the extra mile, dialing down until the very last minute of the day and achieving remarkable sales results in the late afternoon. Mae’s true sell-to-help mindset and genuine excitement for her clients’ success have been key contributors to her overall growth within the company.

At the onsite of her career, Mae reported to Angelica Muriella, Onboarding Sales Training Manager, who she will be going back to spending a lot of time with while training our new hires!

Here is what Angelica shared about her time spent working with Mae:

“Mae, you have truly made a remarkable impact on our organization, and it is undeniable that you are now poised to play a key role in the development of new hires. I still vividly recall our conversations about your ambitions to grow within the company. Even during those late nights spent closing new business, I always told you, ‘Just wait, Mae, your hard work will transform you into an exceptional mentor for future team members.’ And look where we are now!”

Mae will be working closely with our Associate Account Managers for our Digital Inside Sales team, providing valuable training and support to new reps. With her extensive knowledge and experience, Mae will be instrumental in developing individuals for our growing Inside Sales team. She is a leader that leads by example, and her impressive sales achievements speak for themselves. Mae was one of the first reps to achieve $20,000 of new business in her first month and holds the record for the most new businesses sold in a month – a remarkable 9!

In addition to her professional achievements, Mae also recently achieved a big personal goal. She moved back to Arizona, where she went to school, fulfilling her big why. It’s an inspiration to see someone achieve their goals and live their passions, and Mae is the perfect person to guide and support our new hires in doing the same.

Congratulations, Mae, on this well-deserved promotion!

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