PromotionsOct 16, 2023

Ryan Tangeman Promoted to Staff Software Engineer

Congratulations to Ryan Tangeman on his promotion to Staff Software Engineer!

As the Staff Software Engineer for our R&D team, Ryan will be working closely with our Junior Development team in growing their skillset through his mentorship, valuable feedback on their projects, and sharing his expertise through dedicated training sessions.

Ryan has the perfect background for this type of role. Since joining AMP in 2015 as a Junior Intern, he demonstrated his dedication and remarkable skillset, earning him a permanent spot on the team in the Fall of 2015 as a Junior Developer. Ryan has been a part of many initiatives and transitions during his first few years and moved to an Application Developer in 2017 where helped build out our OPTIMA™ platform.

In 2019, with his unwavering dedication and continuous growth, Ryan was promoted to Senior Software Engineer where he focused on defining some of our AMP Best Practices for deployment and sprint cycles and even started doing some initial interviews as we began growing our team. This is a natural progression for Ryan who is wise beyond his years and can speak to the challenges that our Junior Development team may experience as they continue to learn the ropes of AMP!

Away from work, Ryan enjoys games and movies, with favorites like Arrival and The Prestige. He also happens to be planning his wedding with his fiancé, Tori, and is enjoying time with their beloved dog, Jasper. Unfortunately, he might also occasionally be found, at Tori’s request, tolerating episodes of “The Golden Bachelor.”

Congratulations, Ryan, on this well-deserved promotion!

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