PromotionsOct 19, 2023

Cameran Fry Promoted to Digital Fulfillment Systems Manager

Congratulations to Cameran Fry on her promotion to Digital Fulfillment Systems Manager!

Having dedicated six remarkable years to our organization, Cameran has truly been a cornerstone of our team, embodying our values, and contributing to our shared vision of excellence and innovation in the digital fulfillment domain. She began her journey with AMP as a Digital Administrative Specialist, demonstrating a deep commitment to precision, efficiency, and a collaborative work ethic.

Throughout her tenure, Cameran has embraced a range of roles with dedication and agility. From Team Trainer and Quality Control Specialist to Team Lead, she has consistently provided valuable insights and leadership to her colleagues, helping to foster a dynamic and supportive work environment. Most recently, as the OPTIMA™ Fulfillment Admin Assistant Manager, she has been instrumental in driving the success of our OPTIMA™ projects, offering solutions that are as innovative as they are effective.

Her impressive list of achievements serves as proof of her extraordinary capabilities and commitment. Among these, we cannot help but shine a spotlight on her winning the prestigious 2022 Manager of the Year award, which was a well-deserved recognition that highlights her exceptional contribution to our team and the broader AMP organization.

What truly sets Cameran apart is her approach to her work. She is not only logical and methodical, but deeply process-oriented, in which these characteristics are fundamental to the development and fine-tuning of our systems. This approach ensures that projects under her leadership are executed with precision, clarity, and a deep understanding of the intricate web of processes and systems that make up our digital fulfillment system.

As she steps into her new role as Digital Fulfillment Systems Manager, we are confident that Cameran will continue to guide her team with the same steadfast commitment and visionary leadership that have characterized her career to date. Her advancement to this position not only reflects her individual achievements, but also signals a promising new chapter in the story of our organization’s ongoing success and development.


Congratulations, Cameran, on this well-deserved promotion!

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