PromotionsOct 19, 2023

Kelli Sullivan Promoted to GSV Scheduling and Fulfillment Manager

Congratulations to Kelli Sullivan on her promotion to GSV Scheduling and Fulfillment Manager!

Kelli started her journey at AMP in November 2022 as a GSV Scheduling Assistant. In May 2023, Kelli became the Customer Support Coordinator where she ensured customer related issues are taken care of in a timely matter. She has brilliantly showcased top performance, dedication, and hard work, swiftly rising through the ranks to embrace leadership responsibilities.

In her newly acquired role, Kelli will be leading the GSV Scheduling team, ensuring the intricate planning of photo shoots is both accurate and efficient for our talented photographers. Her leadership will also extend to overseeing the GSV Fulfillment team, guaranteeing the expeditious publication of tours with a keen emphasis on quality and accuracy. Under her watch, we anticipate a continuation of streamlined processes and innovative strategies to enhance the department’s productivity and efficacy.

Raised in South Carolina, Kelli is a profound college football fan, bringing to the office an infectious enthusiasm reminiscent of cheering fans and thrilling touchdowns. Behind the scenes, Kelli’s heart is shared by her loving husband Greg and her two delightful dogs, Bailey and Starr. Kelli has a fascination with true crime. She often listens to podcasts or watches documentaries that have her household buzzing with the electrifying allure of unsolved mysteries and captivating criminal cases.


Congratulations, Kelli, on this well-deserved promotion!

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