PromotionsDec 22, 2023

Madicyn Boudreaux Promoted to Senior Hiring Manager

Congratulations to Madicyn Boudreaux on her promotion to Senior Hiring Manager!

Madicyn joined AMP Recruiting Department in August 2023 after moving from Texas back to her home state of Louisiana. She attended the University of Mississippi, where she achieved one of her lifelong goals of making the cheerleading team and going on to win the national cheerleading competition. She later finished her communications degree and graduated from Louisiana State University. She always had a drive to be in control of her own career, so after graduating she decided to move to Dallas and pursue a career in real estate. She built really great relationships and had success, but ultimately decided it was not the work she would be fulfilled in.

Madicyn is a true testament to how hard work and dedication will lead to success. She does not back down from a challenge, and even when things may not have gone as planned, she stuck to her training and kept pushing forward. That is what sets her apart from most and made her the perfect fit for this promotion. She consistently leads our team in dials and has also led the team in show rate. Her passion and energy is felt in every interaction she has with the team and with her candidates. She takes great pride in her work and knowing the impact her efforts will bring to all the small businesses her hires will encounter. For that reason she seeks to find candidates that have the same drive to help others as she possess.

In her free time, Madicyn enjoys reading and spending time with her family and friends. Her faith is a big part of her life as well as a good Cajun meal. Recently, her and her significant other Jack moved into a new place, and she has been working on making their new house into a home. Funny story about Madicyn is when she first started with us she was still in the transitional phases of moving from her Dallas apartment, helping her parents close out a renovation home to sell, and waiting for her new home to be move in ready. It was always a guessing game of where Madicyn would be when she popped into our training meetings. We are so happy that she is now settled into her new office and has a comfy office chair, which was her first purchase goal after she made her first 2 hires!

Director of Recruiting Nikki Bowman had this to say about Madicyn:

“Madicyn is one of the hardest working people I know. During her onboarding process she had a lot going on personally with her move, and starting a new position. She would agree that things took more time than she expected, but what I love most about Madicyn is she never gave up. I called her one afternoon to help her through a hard situation, and she was as calm and cool as you could ever expect. She worked through a lot in the beginning and kept getting better. She consistently pushed herself for more, and to keep improving every week. She took direction and feedback so well, and used it to fuel her. All that hard work, and persistence has paid off. She’s doing a fantastic job recruiting for our Virginia team, and NW Florida team. Madicyn has one of the most infectious personalities, and heart for people. She loves helping others, and getting to know them. She is an amazing ambassador for our company, and I couldn’t be more proud of her. She’s earned this promotion, and will do great things as a Senior Hiring Manager.”


Congratulations, Madicyn, on this well-deserved promotion!

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