PromotionsFeb 13, 2024

Courtney Childress Promoted to Mentorship Manager

Congratulations to Courtney Childress on her promotion to Mentorship Manager!

Since her hiring on May 8th 2023, Courtney has worked hard to compete with herself every month, playing a pivotal role in our team’s success, as a Digital Sales Representative. Her dedication and relentless approach have both been a part of this well-earned promotion!

Courtney joined AMP & the Tennessee North district last May in her 1st territory, Murray Kentucky. In her 2nd month, she achieved an impressive $19,460 in Total Sales, and sold 29 GSV! Courtney quickly onboarded to OPTIMA™, then seamlessly transitioned to Video & Text Marketing programs. Courtney averaged $5944 Optima™/Text, & $6916 GSV per month in $2023 and was our #4 Rookie! She closed 78 GSV & 83 DNA in 2023 after starting in May!

Due to her consistent sales performance, she joined the leadership team via Observation Day Program assisting with the mentoring of potential new hires looking to join AMP. She expresses a love for training & recruiting often when we have our 1:1’s.

Outside of work, Courtney most enjoys being a mom! She has 2 children. Carter is 8 and Octavia is 2. Her and her husband Devin reside in Murray, Kentucky with their family now. She moved to Kentucky from a small town in Mississippi in 2017. Previous to starting at AMP, Courtney was in direct sales for four years, selling rainbow cleaning systems. When asked how she enjoyed her previous employment, Courtney said, “I try to appreciate every situation I’ve been through and use it as a learning experience. I absolutely love working at AMP, as it has given me so much financial freedom that my husband and I are buying our first home in May 2024!”

Courtney expressed her gratitude regarding her recent promotion: “I am beyond excited to take on this opportunity to teach others about our amazing company and how we help small businesses. I want to say thank you to Joy Collins, my DM for always pushing me and genuinely believing in me. She knew before I did how successful I’d be here with AMP. I’d also like to give a shout out to Tara Jenneman my assistant DM. She has always been there for me to help with or answer some of my crazy questions as well as helping me self reflect, and notice situations that I should not stress about but learn from. I love Team Tennessee north, and how we support each other! I’m blessed to be here. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for not only myself, but for everyone on our team!”

Congratulations, Courtney, on this well-deserved promotion!

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