PromotionsMar 21, 2024

Kat Whitsitt Promoted to Northwest Regional Training Manager

Congratulations to Kat Whitsitt on her promotion to Northwest Regional Training Manager!

In her new role, Kat will play a pivotal part in fostering growth and development across the entire Northwest Region, supporting every district, and making significant contributions to the MIT market launch for 2024.

Kat’s journey with AMP, starting in 2014, has been marked by notable accomplishments, including receiving the Presidential Achievement Award and earning the title of Expansion Rep of the Year. After taking a break to focus on her family, Kat returned to AMP in June 2022 with absolute determination to make her mark.

Her comeback was nothing short of spectacular, showcasing exceptional sales prowess by securing an impressive 11 GSV sales within three days, totaling $23,839 in sales across all products. This rapid success led to swift promotions, first to Senior Sales Rep in seven weeks, then to Mentorship Manager in August 2022.

Kat’s dedication and outstanding performance throughout the year, which included setting a company wide OPTIMA™ field record with $36,574 in total OPTIMA™ revenue, earned her multiple awards, including the prestigious titles of 2022 AMP Digital Rep of the Year and AMP Elite Presidential Achievement.

Continuing her upward trajectory, Kat was promoted to Northwest Market Expansion Specialist in 2023 and finally to Regional Field Trainer in October of the same year. Kat’s exceptional training stats placed her as a top finalist for Trainer of the Year, which is a testament to her background in education and genuine passion for helping others grow.

Kat’s family, whom she holds hear, serves as a cornerstone in her life and career, offering unwavering support and helping her set and achieve ambitious goals. Her love for AMP and its positive environment serves as a driving force behind her passion for her work.

Congratulations, Kat, on this well-deserved promotion!

written by:
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