PromotionsJul 10, 2024

Kayli Maucione Promoted to District Sales Manager – Michiana

Congratulations to Kayli Maucione on her promotion to District Sales Manager – Michiana!

In her new role, Kayli will continue to hire, develop and build her very own Michiana territory! Kayli is so excited to continue what she started in Southwest Michigan and Northern Indiana with some additional elbow room in her new hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Kayli, or “SLAY-li”, as we call her, started with AMP during May 2023. She immediately burst onto the scene after completing onboarding within her first 8 selling days, averaging a sale per day! That consistency didn’t slow down and Kayli continued to step out of her comfort zone more and more, presenting OPTIMA™ early and often. She finished her first three weeks with 18 new digital accounts and $11,910 in total sales! She had an immediate impact on Michiana by stepping up her performance and leadership responsibilities in June. We had great feedback from the morning success calls that she co-hosted, and she backed up her advice with incredible performance. She talks the talk and walks the walk. What’s really cool to remember is her very first full month with AMP in June 2023 looked like this: 19 accounts, $11,365 of GSV, and $9,541 of OPTIMA™ for a grand total of $20,906 in sales.

As we all know, consistent growth and our individual sales performance is the key factor in long term success at AMP. As Kayli earned additional leadership opportunities, including Mentorship Manager promotion in July 2023 and Assistant District Manager promotion in November of 2023, Kayli’s individual performance only got BETTER. Since she started 14 months ago, Kayli has averaged 16+ accounts per month and about $17,000 in total sales per month. That is especially remarkable when we consider she often has 4-6 fewer solo selling days in a month as she spends that time helping her teammates get better in the sales field!

Another indicator of great leadership is performance on training days or observation days. Kayli is always near the top of the leaderboards for all training categories. She averages 1.3 accounts per day and over $1,000 in total sales per day! She always executes the AMP blueprint based on high call volume and efficiency. That mix of consistent top performance and phenomenal training has helped push Kayli’s Michiana team to become one of the very best in the country. Her team averaged $88,742 over the course of 4 months and finished June with the new Michiana total sales record of $111,538. No coincidence, but in those same 4 months, Kayli personally sold $15,005 in March (17 accts), $18,123 in April (19 accts) $26,313 in May (21 accts) and $28,532 in June (23 accts).

Prior to working at AMP, Kayli was a game master at an Escape Room, and still loves going to escape rooms throughout Michigan and Indiana. More recently, she was a Peer Student Success Navigator at Western Michigan University where she would mentor fellow students to help them achieve their academic and personal goals. Fittingly, Kayli also earned her Masters Degree at Western Michigan University and she is now a published author. She is very passionate about writing in her free time and is very excited to start a new chapter of her life with her boyfriend Shaun at their new home in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Kayli also has a secret weapon – her pet cat Zorro. Our region has happily accepted Zorro as our mascot that makes cameos in our EpiCentral Daily News articles.


Congratulations, Kayli, on this well-deserved promotion!

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