Company UpdatesJan 31, 2019

CEO 2019 Message

“We’ve just finished the most transformative year in the history of AMP. Combine the following factors, and what we have is a picture of great progress behind us and huge opportunities in front of us as we start 2019.”

  • A 45% year over year increase in new OPTIMA sales.
  • The highest renewal rates we’ve ever seen for CloseBy® Text and for OPTIMA.
  • Increased call counts HomePages® metered call lines.
  • Rapidly evolving functionality in our new tablet-carried CRM.
  • A more nimble and efficient back office accounting system.
  • An evolving product set that keeps improving, in an intelligent and orderly way.

This is a unique time at AMP – the start of a period of living on offense with new tools, new products, and with an emphasis on delivering great service. We’re going to bring a cultural commitment to working very hard, living our very best possible lives, and driving very serious success in our work 2019. It’s not a revolution – it’s an evolution that will call forth the familiar and the well-known, to build a business that gets a little bit better and a little bit better, and then a little bit better again continuously. 

Recognizing that change is inevitable but that evolution is a choice, what’s a career goal that you can set right now that will bring you closer to living the very best version of your life? What can you do during the last few days of January and the full month of February to live a little larger and a little more fully in the hours that you work? Let’s regard today as a starting point, and let’s welcome the challenging and rewarding work ahead of us.

All year long, let’s dig in and celebrate the big, positive impacts we have on our customers, and the joy of winning!
written by:
Abe Andrzejewski