Company UpdatesMay 31, 2019

CEO 2nd Quarter Message – The Summer of Digital!

What a great time of year to be growing with our small business customers!

In the past three months, the officially verified listings of our clients at Google were viewed 75,894,657 times.  Those fully enhanced listings (alone) generated 1,289,383 phone calls; and they directed 818,954 requests for driving directions.

These are very big numbers!  75 million consumer views of our client’s AMP-managed listings and 1.3 million delivered phone calls just from those listings… that’s an impressive and positive set of outcomes.  But it’s also fun to report these stats out to the very last digit because to the hard working business owners that our OPTIMA™ program serves, each and every one of those calls is important.  To a landscaper or a roofer this time of year, that single call might be from a $5,000 customer or a $15,000 customer.  Looking at the results of individual clients makes these big stats real, and really interesting.  I’m proud that for a small family-owned towing company in Elgin, IL we helped deliver a total of 4,530 separate phone calls.  It feels great to know that for an independent, well-run mom and pop motel in coastal Florida, that we’ve literally been helping them drive traffic – they received 4,431 clicks for driving directions in that three month time span.

Today, small business owners are working in the most competitive and complex advertising environment in human history.  In that confusing and frustrating marketplace, I’m proud that we are selling a set of extremely practical programs that cut through the clutter and focus on the most influential moment in the consumer journey.  All of our advertising solutions – from an effective ad in the HomePages® community telephone directory to highly visible listings online with nice pictures and positive, true-to-life reviews from real customers – are focused on that moment when ready-to-buy consumers have turned to their phone, their computer or their local directory to see who, near them, they should call or visit with for what they need.

The month of May represented the fourth month this year when our digital sales productivity per employee has increased over the same month last year.  That’s the result of an ever-improving product set and service model, an acute need for what we provide our clients, and it also comes as the result of ton of hard work and long hours here in the office and in the sales field.

This is a great season to be building and growing and it’s fun to recognize that we’re just getting started!

written by:
Abe Andrzejewski