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Caldwell Investment Group Gains 210 Views in First Week on AMP Video™ YouTube Channel

Caldwell Investment Group in Lebanon, Indiana has been a customer with our OPTIMA™ Online Listings Presence and Reputation Management Program since November 2017. They have served the Lebanon area since 2006 with professional home improvement services including roofing, siding, windows, gutters, masonry, and much more. This year, they upgraded their program to include the +Video add-on with their purchase of a Business Intro™ Video. With OPTIMA™ +Video, we combine the proven strategies of the OPTIMA™ Program with the powerful addition of video content to increase your brand awareness online.

Caldwell Investment Group purchased a Business Intro™ Video to go along with their +Video program. The Business Intro™ Video is a 30 second video combining still or panoramic imagery, professional voiceover, and licensed music to provide a compelling overview of their business. These videos are perfect for uploading to your official Google listing, for posting on social media, for use as a Google Post, and for inclusion in your business’ email signature. Their video goes over the services that they offer, introduces the owner, and ends with an invitation to potential customers to call on their business next time they’re in need of home improvement services.

With the +Video add-on, we posted their video to the Official AMP Video™ YouTube Channel on March 31st and in one week, Caldwell Investment Group has received 210 views! Their video is also showing up as the the third listing when searching for their business on Google.

Video can be a HUGE booster of your business’ SEO and Caldwell Investment Group is a great example of this — within the first week, adding Video to their listing brought them from third to first in search results. In a 2020 study, Ignite Visibility found that the first position in Google results got 43.32% of clicks compared to the third position getting 29.9%; this translates to winning real customers! Joe Caldwell, the owner of Caldwell Investment Group, had two goals when purchasing his +Video OPTIMA™ add-on: to increase brand awareness and move to the first spot in search results. His goal has already been achieved in his first week since his video was published! We’re looking forward to seeing Joe’s continued success with the OPTIMA™ +Video program throughout the year.

Caldwell Investment Group’s Business Intro™ Video:

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