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Dreamette Aberdeen Boosts Visibility with OPTIMA™

It’s summertime, and as temperatures soar, people are on the hunt for delicious frozen treats to beat the heat. In this age of digital convenience, being found online can mean the difference between being the go-to ice cream spot and melting among your competitors. OPTIMA™ helps to bring businesses to the forefront of local searches and capture the attention of eager consumers. One of our customers that is finding great success with the OPTIMA™ program is Dreamette Aberdeen, a charming ice cream shop tucked away in the heart of Saint Johns, FL.

Back in September 2022, owner of Dreamette Aberdeen, Byron White, signed on with OPTIMA™ because he wanted to improve his business’s visibility online. Dreamette Aberdeen is presently on the cusp of celebrating their one-year anniversary with the program, and they have already met this initial goal and more! OPTIMA™ has acted as their digital beacon, illuminating their online presence and making them an irresistible choice for customers from both within and beyond their community.

Dreamette Aberdeen’s digital transformation has been nothing short of successful. Before joining the program, they had very low online presence and no Google listings profile. Today, thanks to OPTIMA™, a quick search for their business will reveal a fully enhanced and built out Google listings profile. OPTIMA™ has not only enhanced their visibility but has improved their reputation as well. Before the program, they had 42 reviews on Google. In less than a year, their reviews have more than doubled to an impressive 97 reviews! And the cherry on top? Their search ranking has gone from third to second in less than a year when searching under key terms such as “Ice Cream Shop,” “St Johns,” and “FL.”

In addition to an improved online visibility and reputation, OPTIMA™ has brought in a ton of virtual foot traffic that has turned into real results for Dreamette Aberdeen. In the past year alone, they’ve amassed over 3,000 views on their Testimonial Page website, with 189 of those views translating directly into phone calls. When it comes to Google, they’ve received a staggering 194 clicks for phone calls and 1,827 direction requests. With results like these, it comes as no surprise that Byron, who initially only sought to improve his business’s online visibility with OPTIMA™, is now singing its praises due to the success he has found with the program.

Owner, Byron White, shares all about his success with OPTIMA™

“The OPTIMA™ program is probably the best marketing investment I have ever made. The program has done a super great job at getting my business online. People are always searching for ice cream, so popping up online is a great way to bring in new customers. I had people telling me all the time that they were 10 miles away or 20 minutes away but they wanted some good ice cream and we popped up right away. Once they come to us one time, they keep coming. The OPTIMA™ program easily pays for itself time and time again and is a wonderful investment.”

Dreamette Aberdeen’s journey with OPTIMA™ is a testament to the power of effective online visibility. In an era where digital presence is paramount, OPTIMA™ has helped Dreamette Aberdeen stand out in the heat of competition, and helped connect them with their community and beyond!


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