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AMP Employees Give Back This Holiday Season

‘Tis the season of giving, and at AMP, our employees are embodying the spirit of giving back! This holiday season, several AMP team members have made a positive impact through volunteering in their communities and we’re excited to share the stories of these meaningful experiences.

AMP’s Impactful Experience with Feed My Starving Children

A few members of our office team lent a helping hand to Feed My Starving Children (FMSC). This remarkable organization works tirelessly to bring food to children and families worldwide. FMSC provides a unique opportunity for volunteers to come together and pack life-saving meals for those in need!

Among the volunteers at FMSC were AMP employees, Erika Gravino, Kelly Johnson, Judy Adamson, Marika Wasmund, and Ebony Scott! Ebony, a seasoned volunteer with FMSC, shared her experience, emphasizing the significance of being able to make a difference.

Ebony shared, “I have been volunteering with them for years, and I knew I wanted to do something to partner with them and AMP since joining AMP’d Up [AMP Events Committee]… We hope to offer more opportunities like this with AMP’d Up next year if people want to volunteer somewhere together.”

Erika, a first-time volunteer, found the experience both fulfilling and enjoyable, realizing the impact that even a few hours can have on the lives of others.

Erika says, “The two hours of packing food flew by and it was a lot of fun. FMSC makes the environment super upbeat and fast, and is constantly driving you towards packing goals. The whole experience was a lot different than I expected, but it was really great. Afterwards I felt very fulfilled and would definitely volunteer again!”

Not too far away, members of our Digital Inside Sales team, Raegan Fingerman, Megan Geottsche, Jon Blasgen, Angelica Muriella, and Sarah Heiger, also took part in the volunteering efforts at the FMSC location in Schuamburg, IL. The lively atmosphere, filled with music and community spirit, left them eager for more volunteering opportunities with FMSC in the future!

Raegan says, “We can definitely see AMP partnering with Feed My Starving Children in the future for more volunteering opportunities. We truly enjoyed our time there and look forward to returning!”

Schaumburg Digital Inside Sales team volunteers with Feed My Starving Children. Pictured left to right: Raegan Fingerman, Megan Goettsche, Jon Blasgen, Angelica Muriella, and Sarah Heiger.

Team Toledo Makes a Difference with Sunshine Communities

Another group of our Digital Inside Sales team members spent time volunteering with Sunshine Communities, a nonprofit organization located in northwest Ohio supporting people of all ages with developmental disabilities through residential, vocational, clinical, therapeutic, and recreational services. Our team, Cortney Carathers, Britany Murdock, Lindsay Kaatz, and Trevin Keith, helped out by bringing Thanksgiving turkeys and food to families in the community, and they were also given the opportunity to create snowmen favors for an upcoming event that Sunshine Communities is hosting later this month.

Cortney shared, “Volunteering there not only allowed us to contribute to a worthy cause but also reminded us of the power of helping others. While we were all there together helping out, I was reminded of how important it is to lend a helping hand, especially during times when people need it the most. The impact we can make by working together and supporting organizations like Sunshine is great, and I am grateful for the opportunity to have been a part of it!”

Team Toledo crafts snowmen favors for Sunshine Communities! Pictured left to right: Britany Murdock, Cortney Carathers, Trevin Keith, and Lindsay Kaatz.

John Balongag’s Volunteer Day with Lions Clubs International

AMP office employees, like John Balongag, are making a difference in their own communities’ organizations! John recently volunteered with Lions Clubs International-an organization of which he is a proud member — spending the day helping with the community Christmas tree stand in the town of New Lisbon, WI. Lions Clubs International is a global support group comprised of members across the world, who participate in service-based projects in local communities! John got the chance to ride along to the tree farm and see the loading process, and then returned to town with the trees to help setup and fill the tree stand location.

John says, “It was a very nice experience to work with, talk with, laugh with, and spend the day with some of the Club directors and members who showed up. It was just an overall good day. I hope this inspires others to get out there and do some community volunteering!”

John Balongag (pictured in yellow vest) volunteers with Lions Clubs International.

Are you an AMP employee interested in volunteering in your local community?

Look no further than our Volunteer Paid Time Off (VPTO) program! Once you hit your 4-month anniversary with AMP, you qualify for this fantastic initiative. Full-time employees can take 2 half days or 1 full day, while part-time employees can take 1 half day, all paid by AMP, to serve a charity of their choice.

With the holiday season upon us, it’s the perfect time to leverage the VPTO program and spread joy in your community. Whether it’s a cause close to your heart or an organization serving disadvantaged individuals, AMP encourages you to apply and start making a difference.

To apply, simply log onto the HR Portal, following the same process as requesting paid time off (PTO). Provide your supervisor with reasonable notice and details about the charitable cause for approval. Once approved, you’re all set to use your working hours to make a positive impact!


At AMP, we believe that volunteering is not just an activity, it’s a way of life that brings joy, fulfillment, and a sense of community. Ebony Scott said it best, “There is more than one way to volunteer. Every little bit helps, and there are opportunities to make a difference close to home, you just need to look!” Join us in spreading love and kindness this season and beyond through the power of volunteering!

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