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Ruhl & Ruhl Realtors
Dustina Fenton
What I love the most about the OPTIMA™ Program is all the guidance I receive from my Account Manager. I feel like my Account Manager is an essential part of my team, and I look to her for any advice and or guidance when it comes to my online presence. A year ago, I was a newer realtor who struggled to get leads. Now, I have people reaching out to me from all across the United States, such as big cities like New York and Chicago. I was even able to reach consumers internationally. Recently, I helped a customer in Iceland close a home in Iowa! I couldn't have done it without the OPTIMA™ program and my Account Manager!
Country Variety
Alma Kurtz
I love our Google Street View Virtual Tour. Customers who come in always tell me that they (and their kids) had so much fun "walking" through the online store and seeing all of the yummy stuff we have! When we got our last tour, the business was focused primarily on candy so our entire tour has treats and things of that nature. Since we got that tour, we have switched from focusing our business on only candy to having a greater focus on a variety of goods. Because of our change, we are setting up a date for a photographer to come back out and update our online tour and imagery! We are excited to be able to share our store online!
Douglas Automotive Service
Christian Nichols
OPTIMA™ has been great to my business. We are getting business from all over and have gotten to the point where we have to turn people away. I have been able to hire more employees and build my brand. The check-ins are helpful for staying on pace. Everyone is so helpful and always understanding when we can’t pick up the phone. Happy is an Understatement!
Edgewater Green House Home
Carole LaVigne
It is really important to me that customers are able to see the style of our store, and what we have available. Google Street View has been a great tool for that. I would highly encourage local businesses, especially any and all kinds of retailers in the area, to take advantage of Google Street View “See Inside” Virtual Tour!
Amish Furniture Gallery
Joe Drejas
The HomePages® is the only game in town. All the bigger conglomerate books are obsolete. In any business, it takes one customer to pay for all my advertising with AMP. There are too many companies that charge an arm and a leg. The HomePages® is reasonable however. I also do the OPTIMA™ program. OPTIMA™ keeps me relevant and updated online. I see the value in both print and digital!
Marshall County Public Library
Tammy Blackwell
Thanks to AMP's texting service, the library broke all previous programming attendance records in the last fiscal year! Our patrons love getting information about upcoming programs sent directly to their phones, and I love how easy it is to work with the AMP staff to get our messages out. It has been an asset for our program.
Cordial Electric, Inc.
Jose Martinez
While working with OPTIMA™, I have seen a lot of positive results on my organic growth. I have tried many different lead capture and pay-per-click programs, and was disappointed in how much I was spending versus the little results I was getting. With the advice and help from OPTIMA™, I was able to get myself out of that loop, and they have helped me every step of the way on getting significant results to my online growth. With OPTIMA™, I truly feel like they care not just about my business but about me as well.
The Alley by AIBC
Heather Kish
We are so excited to have our Google Street View Trusted virtual tour done of The Alley at AIBC as it's such a unique way to showcase our new event space and tap room to our future guests. We love that we can utilize the virtual tour on our Facebook and embed it into our website. I know this is a feature that will help bring in more business and bookings of our event space. We know for our customers by being able to virtually tour the event space, they will be able to envision their special events and parties with us. We are so happy the Google Street View Trusted team stopped by.
Wertz Chiropractic
Mark Wertz
The OPTIMA™ program has been super beneficial for our business. We are constantly bringing in new clients and our Account Manager always brings up new ideas to set us apart online. This year, we're going to focus on incorporating video content to our online presence, and I am grateful to have a dedicated team to keep our information available to the community.
New To You
Maggie Hodgson
I have been using CloseBy® Text Marketing since April of 2014 and I could not imagine doing business WITHOUT it! My business is New To You and we’re a small Boutique located in Rochester WI, we are half consignment and half new merchandise. Our inventory is CONSTANTLY changing due to Seasons, Trends, Holidays, etc! That is where my text program comes in handy; I send texts out about new arrivals, new markdowns, and so much more! My customers know that by being on my text club they will get notified FIRST about NEW arrivals, markdowns, designer handbags, and they are always getting special offers and deals via text! I have an Account Manager that helps me send messages, helps me come up with ideas, and she actually cares about the success of my program and business! I would personally recommend CloseBy® Text Marketing to ANY business that has inventory to sell! CloseBy® is worth EVERY penny!
Caroline Beffa Photography LLC
Caroline Beffa
In just my first month with OPTIMA™ I generated 9 new 5 star reviews, went from the 8th photographer in my area to the 3rd, and have received numerous new photography inquiries all through Google search! My program paid for itself tenfold in just the first 6 weeks. So excited for all that is to come!
Huntley Auto Repair
Mike Ziemer
The team at HomePages® has been nothing short of phenomenal. I see a great return on investment from my ad in the HomePages® and my OPTIMA™ program. I would say anyone looking for an affordable way to advertise should advertise with AMP! They are tremendous at what they do. I have been a customer of AMP for 8 years and we look forward to continuing business with them. I love their professionalism and they are great to work with!
Hillside Forestry
Brad Trout
I signed up with OPTIMA™ in hopes to bring in more jobs. Within the first month, I received a lead for a job that has paid for the program over and over again. I am landing jobs, getting them done, and we're already more successful. My Account Manager allows me to focus on my work, while they take care of making me look very professional online and working on any updates I have. OPTIMA™ has done so much for my business. We are already looking to expand - I can't wait to see where we go from here!
Little Fat Gretchen
Gretchen Halverson
I've been an OPTIMA™ customer since 2016 and just recently in 2023 got my virtual tour published. I absolutely love both products, that's why I keep renewing every year. My Dedicated Account Manager does great work, not only with keeping things accurate and up to date, but also by staying on top of our check in calls. I love the fact that I get a specific QR code for my business to generate new reviews. I would recommend any business just getting started, or even already established, to go with the OPTIMA™ program and if it fits for your business, the virtual tour as well! These are affordable tools to keep your business going in the right direction!
Beautiful Journey
Rebecca Lynn
I have had this program for 3 months and I can tell you that this is personally some of the best marketing I have ever done. I have done many forms of marketing in my years in business and the CloseBy® Text Marketing program is one of the very few marketing forms I consider a solid place to put my hard earned dollars into. With other forms of marketing I don't feel like I've made a return but I feel GOOD about this product. I know I have already received my money back and more with this product and it's only been 3 months. Everything about this program is EASY. My employees promote the program at the register and tell customers to join by scanning the QR code on the provided marketing materials. Sending messages is so easy. I go in and schedule at least a month at a time and then the messages automatically go out. I only send out 2 messages a week and my customers LOVE it! I have received so much positive feedback in regards to the messages I send. I consider this program an ASSET to my business.
City of Eureka
Melissa Brown
We have been using CloseBy® Text Marketing for OVER four years and I cannot say enough POSITIVE things about the text program they offer! CloseBy® Text Marketing has given us the BEST form of communication to reach all of our residents in a QUICK and TIMELY manner! I personally LOVE that I can access the online system for message sending from my desktop, laptop or even my cell phone! It is amazing that I can send a message from the office, my house or while I am on the go! Everything about the program is EASY and EFFECTIVE! Our residents LOVE that we have the CloseBy® Text Marketing program for the City of Eureka because it keeps them in the know of emergency situations and information! We have OVER 1,100 residents on our text program and that number is constantly growing! When new residents call in or stop in for information on water bills etc we ALWAYS tell them about the text program! This is the BEST tool a City/Town/Village can have to connect with their residents and small business owners!
Schroth Brillion Floral & Gifts
Colette Schroth-Thurwachter
I love the AMP Video™ product! The narrator that AMP uses is extremely talented and I love how her soft voice and the lovely music compliments the video and beautifully describes our business details. My OPTIMA™ Account Manager Stephanie let me know that video products boost our visibility and online ranking on Google and once we added that video to my listing, I am now number one for "florists" in Brillion. I highly recommend!
Mark's Pizza
Mark Walkey
We have been extremely happy with text program - honestly this has been the BEST FORM OF MARKETING I HAVE EVER DONE! The relationship that I have with my Account Manager is amazing- she truly cares about my business' success and I cannot thank her enough for everything she does! That relationship has helped my business grow and I have grown with AMP as I have added on OPTIMA™, GSV, and AMP Video™ throughout the years! You will not be disappointed in the text program- you will need to put in the work and you will need to get your staff to talk to EVERY customer, which will build the habit of them talking about the program to customers every shift they work. Once you do that, you get to send out text messages, and watch customers come through your doors because of the text you sent out! CloseBy® Text Marketing brings customers in your store, which makes you (the business owner) money! I guarantee you will not find cheaper marketing! My biggest piece of advise is to TRY IT- You have nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain!
Lips and Lashes Bridal
Megan Bach
I am extremely happy with the quality of the photos and service! Being a new business in town, these images are extremely valuable to show my potential clients and have enhanced my online presence. The photos turned out beautiful and captured exactly what I wanted for my business. The photographer did a great job and was extremely professional. I would highly recommend American Marketing and Publishing, LLC, to any business owner!
Bonnie’s Quilted Treasures
Bonnie Goodman
OPTIMA™ has been such a help to my business, providing me with a way to generate reviews as well as providing my website for housing those reviews (which keep on coming). Since purchasing OPTIMA™, I’ve had several customers call me saying they found me on Google and that I came up first. The AMP team is always eager to make updates I request, no matter what it is.
Uptown Dental
Karen Kirby
It’s been really nice hearing new customers say that they found us through our Google Listing. I have had several customers this year mention that the Google virtual tour made them feel really comfortable about entering our place and trusting our doctors. I appreciate what this has done for our business, thank you!
8th Street Auto
Heather Stainbrook
The programs work super seamlessly with our in-house website and the advertising we’re already doing. I’m not tech savvy so it’s super nice to have a wing man (Account Manager) that will update things across the board for me whenever needed. Our Google Street View imagery is really nice because it gives our potential customers the opportunity to check our place out before committing to working with us. Our video content is very professional. We love how it turned out and the fact that it tells our story in such a professional way. We have been working with AMP since 2022 and will continue to do so.

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